Enabling Learner Reflection

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What is ‘Enabling Student Reflection’

When you design thought provoking course modules, give meaningful feedback and assessment, and conduct a live class or model introspective activities you are enabling student reflection. When you do this you are giving providing the opportunity and space for a student to internalize and deepen their knowledge.

How Can I Use ‘Enabling Student Reflection’ in my Class?

  • Highlight practices in your discipline where reflection is a common and expected activity.
  • Ask the question ‘Why?’ often.
  • Give students an opportunity to explain their thoughts, answers and work using blogs and discussion boards.
  • In live classes, or near synchronous activity, follow up short answers with probing dialog that gives you an idea of the student’s mastery of the subject.
  • Require students to record their thoughts in a journal over the span of your course and examine the evolution of their thoughts as they gain knowledge.
  • Ask students if there are other ways to go about solving a problem or completing a task. Provide them an opportunity to redo an assignment or explore a topic using another method.
  • Use the Socratic Method


Examples and walkthroughs available on iTeachU:



Last modified: November 27, 2013