Instructor Presence

Instructor presence during the course is an important element of helping to bridge the technology gap and disconnect felt by students in eLearning courses. It is important to engage your pattern of instructor presence as soon as the class begins.

Techniques employed by excellent eLearning instructors include:

  • regularly posting announcements
  • regularly monitoring student progress
  • providing timely (if not rapid) instructor feedback
  • moderating student communications
  • actively problem solving with students
  • sharing aspects of your Personal Learning Environment (PLE) with your students
  • maintain regular office hours or hours where you are available by phone/email/chat, other communication methods
  • contacting students (or have UAF eLearning & Distance Education contact them for you!) who fall behind
  • advising students if you run into an emergency and can’t be available. Encourage students to stay in contact with you about hurdles they may need to clear
  • publicly acknowledging when you receive good work


About the Author:

Jennifer is an instructional designer at UAF eLearning with over 20 years experience working with faculty. She is interested in emergent technologies such as augmented reality, interactive media, and wearable devices and how these trends fit into successful educational experiences. She also enjoys painting, photography, travel and exploring wilderness areas off the grid. Connect with Jennifer at

This page was last updated on : Dec 16, 2014