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Welcome to this year’s 10 Days of Google event. Each day we will be focusing on an aspect of Google tools, starting with Google Classroom. Our sessions will be live via Google Meet and they will be recorded for viewing later. Please find the schedule of topics we’ll cover below. Topics are linked to the live sessions.


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Schedule of Events

Google Classroom: Getting Started 11:30am, November 2, 2020 Google Classroom is a robust learning management system available to all UAF teachers through their Google for Education accounts. In this session, we’ll tour the main features of the system and show you how to get started using it. Christen Bouffard RECORDING
Google Classroom: Assignments & Grading 11:30am, November 3, 2020 Google Classroom’s assignment and grading features are relatively simple and easy to use. Join us to learn how to assign work, grade, and give feedback to your students in Google Classroom. Madara Mason RECORDING
Google Classroom: Discussion 11:30am, November 4, 2020 While Google Classroom does not have a traditional discussion board built in, this platform offers multiple tools to support peer-peer interaction and collaboration. In this session, we’ll review your options in Classroom for supporting student discussion and collaboration. Jenn Pedersen RECORDING
Google Meet for Synchronous Sessions 11:30am, November 5, 2020 All UAF faculty, staff, and students have access to Google Meet as part of their Google for Education accounts (and Meet is integrated with Classroom for hosting synchronous class sessions). In this session, we’ll review the various features of this tool for any video-based meeting you may want to host! Christen Bouffard RECORDING
Google Classroom: Best Hacks 11:30am, November 6, 2020 Google Classroom is a great tool for supporting your in-person or online teaching. Join us to learn about some of the best hacks out there for getting this tool to work for you! Madara Mason RECORDING
Google Docs: More than Collaborative Writing 11:30am, November 9, 2020 Google docs are an excellent tool for collaborative writing. But what else can they do? Join us to learn about some of the lesser-known but more useful applications of this tool in your classroom and work life. Sean Holland RECORDING
Google Forms: Surveys, Quizzes, and More 11:30am, November 10, 2020 Google Forms are a simple and easy-to-use tool for building any survey, quiz, or questionnaire. Learn how to build a form and explore how you might use this tool in your classes and/or work life. Dan LaSota RECORDING
Google Sheets 11:30am, November 11, 2020 Learn to use Google Sheets to review and manipulate data, including integrating charts and graphs to help communicate with your audience. Clara Noomah NO RECORDING
Google Slides: Beyond Presentations 11:30am, November 12, 2020 You’ve used Google Slides for a slideshow presentation, but have you experimented with templates? Animation? Quizzing? Learn about the practical applications of some of Slides’ best features! Janene McMahan RECORDING
Google for Edu: Best Hacks 11:30, November 13, 2020 All UAF faculty, staff and students have access to a suite of tools through our Google for Edu accounts. Which of these tools should you be using that you haven’t tried yet? What are the most useful applications? Join us to find out! Christen Bouffard RECORDING