Through the Learning Glass – Studio Tour

A taxonomy of course videos produced by UAF eCampus

Video  can be an important part of a rich online course, particularly for increasing instructor presence and delivering domain knowledge. It’s also something that students now expect to see in a sophisticated course. In this session, we will discuss recommended video types  and become familiar with eCampus’s professional media production capabilities. We will then proceed to the Media Production Studio to shoot your own  Learning Glass video to use in your course. We will also have a chance to shoot  greenscreen video for those interested.


Other Resources:

A greenscreen shoot in the eCampus Production Studio:
The control room in the eCampus Media Production Studio:
A Learning Glass example video:
A greenscreen content video:

See Hansch, A., Hillers, L., McConachie, K., Newman, C., Schildhauer, T., & Schmidt, P. (2015). Video and online learning: Critical reflections and findings from the field  for a more in-depth and critical review of different types of course video content.

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