Dec 3-6, 9-13, 16-18
11:30 am-noon
130 Bunnell or join us online on zoom at web link

On the first day of Google my eCampus gave to me:

Tues, 12/3 Advice for Google Search Try out some easy strategies for searching in Google to get better results, faster. recording
Wed, 12/4 Features of Google Classroom Google Classroom is a great way to manage coursework from your students. See how some faculty are using it to manage face-to-face classroom assignments. recording
Thurs, 12/5 Favorite Google Chrome Extensions or Apps A peek into some of our favorite Google Chrome Extensions or applications to facilitate our personal   workflow recording
Fri, 12/6 Sprucing up your Google Slides The best features of Google Slides and a peek into new features and unique uses. no recording
Mon, 12/9 The Magic of Google Sites Google Sites is a publishing platform that is structured like a wiki or a web page and easily integrates other Google apps to tell your story. recording
Tues 12/10 Show   me more: Google Draw Use Google Draw to facilitate group work! See how this underutilized tool can help you create engaging activities. recording
Wed, 12/11 Ideas for Google Sheets Are you interested in teaching your students how to interpret and share simple data sets? The “Explore’ button can unlock simple data visualization activities for you and your students. recording
Thurs, 12/12 Hints for Google Calendar You can use Google Calendar not only to keep track of your own schedule, but also to keep track and promote activities for your class, program events, workgroups and more. recording
Fri, 12/13 Guide to Google Docs Learn how to create, share and collaborate using Google Docs no recording
Mon 12/16 Do this with Google Forms Surveys, auto-corrected quizzes and self-paced instruction are some examples of how you might use Google Forms. Explore some of the features and ideas for its use. recording
Tues, 12/17 Tricks for Google Mail Make Google Mail work for you and save time.   Learn how to use canned responses, archiving, out-of-office reminders and more. recording
Wed, 12/18 Accessible Google with Grackle Docs Use Grackle Docs to make Google Docs, Sheets and Slides accessible. recording

Certified Trainer Google for Education
Christen Bouffard
Sean Holland
Madara Mason
Heidi Olson
Chris Beks (in training)


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