About Canvas

Information about UAF's migration to Canvas LMS and assistance can be found below.
Quick Tutorials

Design Team Professional Development Days

Please note that from July 12 to July 23 the entire Design Team at eCampus will be taking time to engage in professional development with no online contact, and our as-needed assistance will be unavailable during that time including: Open Labs, walk-in assistance, Slack communities, and phone calls. Some designers may respond to email, but there will likely be a delay.

If you need non-technical assistance, please contact Madara Mason or Jenn Pedersen. All support services provided by the Design Team will resume as of July 26th.

Collaborate on Canvas

This page is under construction and continual revision as faculty collaborate with one another and with eCampus to create and deploy a seamless, modern student experience in Canvas. eCampus will be conducting more and more workshops to help interested faculty get on board. Keep an eye on our calendar to find events that are right for you.

A Message from the Provost

Dear faculty and instructors,

First of all, thank you to the 30+ faculty members and ~900 UAF students who participated…

Course Migration

UAF eCampus is working with K-16 Solutions to export existing Blackboard materials into Canvas shells. Most Blackboard courses from the previous 4 semesters are already in Canvas!  The courses will have the exact same name, to include CRN and term code (eg 202001) and will appear in your Unpublished courses list.  If you are missing any course that you wish to have migrated to Canvas for you, please fill out the following Migration Request Form and indicate which course name/semester should be migrated.

Get Started with a New Template

To use a ready made UAF eCampus template, first request a Development Shell and select Canvas as the LMS.  You will be notified once the development shell has been created. 

Once you have the development shell, log into canvas.alaska.edu using your UA ID and password and click “Commons” in the Global Navigation Menu.  Select “UAF Course Template” from the list of featured courses.  (You can search using the course name if it does not immediately show up).  Once you have selected the UAF Course Template click “Import/Download.”  You will be prompted to select a course to import the template into.  Use the checkbox to select the development shell created for you then click “Import into Course.”

If this doesn’t work for you, contact Jenn Pedersen (jpedersen@alaska.edu) for assistance.


Problems getting in Canvas?

Try these steps:

    1. Go to google.alaska.edu and sign into your UA Account with your UA Username and Password
    2. Open a new tab in your browser
    3. Type in canvas.alaska.edu. (If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste the URL)
    4. Enter in your UA username and password.


A Modern Learning Management System

This summer and fall many faculty will choose to use the Canvas platform. Check canvas.alaska.edu to see if your account is ready. Go to the site, log in with your UA username and password. If you cannot click the button to

OER Highlights

Access to OER built right in. See the Commons for thousands of Open Education Resources
Commons (OER) products

Mobile Friendly Apps:

Canvas Help & Training

Canvas was chosen in part for its great tutorials:

Canvas Instructor Guide
Canvas Student Guide

How can I know if each part of my course was copied over?

 Log into  https://canvas.alaska.edu/ Click on your course, choose “Pages.” URL looks like alaska.instructure.com/courses/COURSE#/pages

If you see 000-Migration Exception Log in the list there are items that may not have been found or could not be copied. Generated Page in Canvas Course with exceptions list

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are we doing this?
A: To ease the transition to a new LMS. See more in the “Message from the Provost” area on About Canvas.

Q: Why is UAF using Canvas?
A: Canvas supports the Chancellor’s strategic goal to modernize the student experience.

Q: How do I check if my course was migrated?
A: Log in to https://alaska.instructure.com/ with your UA username and password. You may see your course in the Unpublished area of your dashboard.

Q: How can I get my course on Canvas?
A: Export a zipped Blackboard file and import it to Canvas, or fill out this request form.

Q: I’m not teaching on Canvas yet; why copy my course?
A: To best learn how to use Canvas, view and rearrange your own materials in your private dev area.

Q: Who is Sam Yaghoubi and why is he listed as an instructor in my Blackboard course?
A: Sam Yaghoubi (sam@k16solutions.com) is part of the script used by the vendor to export courses for import into Canvas. This bot needs to be active with Instructor status for the process to work.

Canvas Playlists

The Canvas channel on YouTube is full of helpful content—with everything from the Virtual Learning Indicator to establishing trust in an online environment to artificial intelligence and the future of plagiarism—Canvas goes beyond simple “how to” videos (get started here) to elevate the conversation around learning managament software.

A Clean, Modern Interface

Easy drag and drop utility, a quick way to turn your course on and off, and easy to understand controls. Over the next few months, eCampus will deploy syllabus and module templates that will make building your courses easier and faster.

Import the UAF Course Template from the Commons by

  1. logging into canvas.alaska.edu
  2. choosing “Import from Commons” from the right-hand menu
  3. selecting the course you want to import into and
  4. clicking “Import into Course”


Canvas Interface Example

History and Possible Future Canvas-Related Events


eCampus researches LMS options on a regular basis: Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and WordPress.

Fall 2020

COVID-19 Lockdown pushes almost all courses online, taxing our infrastructure and resources.

Fall 20-Spring 21

A pilot was conducted throughout the University of Alaska. Learn more at the UA Canvas Pilot Google Site

Sum./Fall 21

More courses migrating to Canvas with automation from “K-16” and eCampus.

Spring/Sum. 22

Faculty and students alike find Canvas to be much easier. Remaining courses move to Canvas

Fall 22

Final courses are converted with all courses potentially now in Canvas.