The following article was published in the UAF Sunstar:

Art and science collide in ‘Microbial Worlds’

“Microbial Worlds,’ an art exhibit with a scientific twist, sought to teach visitors about microbiology.

“I sometimes say that microbes rule the world,’ Mary Beth Leigh said. “All other life forms depend on them. They’re the most numerous and most diverse organisms on the planet. They can do things no other organism could do.’

Leigh was one of the organizers for the First Friday event, on Feb. 3. The curator for the event was Annie Duffy, a painter and sculptor.

“I would just want people to experience the wonder of what’s really an invisible world,’ Leigh said.

The exhibition featured art by 14 artists in a variety of forms including sculptures, prints, writing and live dancing. The exhibition focused on the world’s smallest organisms, microbes–bacteria, fungi, protozoa, algae and viruses. The artists spent a total of over 16 months collaborating with scientists to learn about microbes through monthly lectures, lab activities and field trips…more.