Video in the Classroom

Recently, I presented (from the studio where I regularly record Digital Beards) on assigning video activities to students over Hangouts on Air, with the assistance of Rob Prince, Dan LaSota and Owen Guthrie. Dan and Owen […]

Online writing – notes in the margins

When I first taught face-to-face composition with the goal to help students understand the academic essay, I had them print out their papers for me to read at my desk next to my beloved mug of pens. I’ve never been comfortable doling out grades without extensive, contextual feedback, so I always wrote a great deal in the margins.

Favorite Podcasts

Hello everyone, I’ve been gone awhile, for which I am sorry. Well, not really. I am recently returned from my honeymoon. So no: sorry is the wrong word. Now that I’m back and caught up, […]

Premium storytelling apps

I write a great deal about freeware because this is such a great era for free tools, with many powerful options out there for all types of projects. That is not to say you should never pay for the tools you use, however. In some cases, premium programs pay back with functionality what you put in them with cash.

DB 13 — Christopher Lee Miles’ Antigone

Digital Beards, stalled for a month by the holidays and then by the onset of the Spring Semester, resume now on the year 2014. As the inaugural podcast, I am honored to share with you […]

DB 12 — Serious Fun Part 1 (UAA)

I spoke with Jeanetter Renaudineau, Instructional Designer at the University of Alaska Anchorage, about the upcoming event she and other designers at UAA, along with designers here at UAF, are putting on in April: Serious […]

The Promise of SkyBox

No podcast this week; we had some icestorm activity last week and it really messed up everyone’s schedules. So here is an article on space and the future and awesomeness instead. Hope you enjoy.

File management

Maintain order over your files by instilling file management best practices: give your files comprehensive titles, and save them in appropriate subfolders (not just lobbed into the pile on the desktop!).

Additional Google Drive apps

Use Google Drive to do more than create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc., with the many apps that you can add to your Drive for creating a vast variety of media. Simply click “Create” and then “Add More Apps,” then choose from the list of apps which appear.


We know we should be teaching them, but a lot of teachers aren’t sure really what transmedia projects look like, nor do they know how low the barrier to entry is. This Teaching Tip links out to a couple examples of transmedia, and makes an argument as to why we should be more conscious of the form both for our own professional development and for the sake of our students.

Audacity part 2

Use Audacity to easily manipulate the volume of individual tracks at specific points in time, and remove pops and squeals running over essential artifacts.

Audacity part 1

Audacity is an audio-editing application, free online, which gives users editing tools otherwise available at a premium.