Creating Course Links in Canvas

Create clickable text in your Canvas course that link to other places in your course. Edit the page where you want to create a link (make clickable text). Highlight the text you want to be clickable. Select the Link tool from the toolbar and choose “Course Link” as...

Designing Engaging Online Discussions

Discussion is such a natural tool of engagement in our face-to-face classrooms, but it often feels flat or obligatory online. How can we create engaging online discussions with our students? What tools and practices are available? Join Debbie Mekiana (ANS) and UAF...

Working with Dual-Enrolled Students

The Faculty Learning Community (FLC) on Best Practices for Dual Enrollment Online Course formed at the beginning of 2020 to discuss how faculty can respond to the increasing numbers of high-school students taking UAF classes through programs such as Alaska Advantage...

Giving Engaged, Constructive Feedback

Daryl Farmer (ENGL) leads a discussion on his methods for giving good feedback in writing workshops. The guide he shares is a great reminder for instructors looking to deepen their feedback and also a valuable tool for teaching students peer feedback...

Course Spotlight – SWK 305

Join eCampus instructional designers and selected faculty as we take a peek into their quality online courses at UAF. Every month we will be presenting a new online course and hosting a Q/A session via Zoom. Have a look inside other courses on our course showcase...

Is your course organized?

There is no one right way to organize a course, but there are some basic principles that will help students navigate and stay on path.

Are you ready to be Googled?

It’s probably old news to you that it matters what appears when people Google you. However, the pesky thing about managing your web presence is that it’s a continual practice. Here are tips to help you spruce up your online image.

Growing Accessibility: Corn-sider New Options

August 12th-15th, 19th-22nd 12:00-12:30pm 131 Bunnell or Virtual via Zoom Join the UAF eCampus Designers for Growing Accessibility, an eight-day series of short sessions focused on ways to immediately integrate accessibility into your workflow.   Sign in using this...

How course design can help students succeed

You may or may not know about all of the challenges your students are facing. The pedagogical framework of Universal Design for Learning can help accommodate these needs and provide more flexibility while maintaining academic rigor.

Accurate video captions in minutes

UAF eCampus, in collaboration with OIT, is excited to announce the launch of a new auto-captioning service in Kaltura. It is faster and more accurate than Kaltura’s previous service and makes it easy to edit your captions once they’ve been created. Captions and searchable transcripts have big benefits for all your students, so if you use video content in your course, now is a great time to learn how it works.