The Online Student Experience

A panel of UAF students discusses their experiences as online learners. Students discuss their techniques for managing an online courseload, what gets them engaged in their online courses, and what they wish more teachers knew when teaching online.

Video Editing and Publication

Make your DIY videos more professional in post-production using media editing tools. Learn more about your options for editing and publication from Media Studio Production Designer Eric Lonn. 

Best Practices for Media Recording

Recording your own instructional content at home? Want tips on lighting, staging, tools, and more? Join Media Studio Production Designer Eric Lonn to learn how to turn your home recording space into the best media studio it can be! 

Teaching in Low-Bandwidth Online Contexts

Learn about distance delivery designed for students in rural or low-bandwidth contexts. Claudia Ihl, biology professor with the UAF Northwest Campus, will share insights and perspectives.  Download Claudia’s tips for teaching in low-bandwidth online...

Bridging Social Divides with 21st Century Learners

Examine the psychological impacts of attention-grabbing media and how this correlates to students’ maintaining attention and motivation in their college courses. How can we as faculty design our courses to recognize and integrate the online contexts that...

Propose a Community Seminar

Community Seminars in Teaching and Learning are led by faculty who’ve had success with a particular aspect of or approach to teaching and learning — i.e. contract-based grading, online accessibility, hybrid teaching, etc. Faculty facilitators discuss their experiences...

Supporting Student Mental Health

Learn about successful, evidence-based practices for supporting students’ mental health across the curriculum at UAF. This Community Seminar was hosted by Mat Wooller, Director of Alaska Stable Isotope Facility and founder of UAF’s The Well, Jen Peterson,...

Incorporating Career Development into Courses

Amanda White, Program Director of Applied Management, and Madara Mason, Associate Director of Teaching and Learning at UAF eCampus, hosted a Community Seminar on “Incorporating Career Development into Courses.” They share about how to infuse small...

Discovery-Based Group Learning

Gordon Williams, Professor of Mathematics, hosted a Community Seminar on “Discovery-Based Group Learning,” highlighting the techniques he has used in his UAF courses to keep students engaged in group projects. Dr. Williams shares about facilitating...

Contract-Based Grading

Sarah Stanley, Director of University Writing, and Deborah Rinio, Instructor in Library Sciences, hosted a June 2020 seminar on “Contract-Based Grading.” In addition to sharing applications of this collaborative approach to grading in their own courses,...

Reflecting on 30 years of distance and online education

Heidi Olson managed paper-based correspondence courses in the ’80s, supported UAF’s first online offerings in the late ’90s, and has handled thousands of online courses since. She retired last week. Read her reflections on these changes over time and advice on giving students the best possible learning experience.

Use student conferences to develop positive rapport

Research shows that the relationships between students and their instructors in a university-level course is “one of the most important factors’ contributing to student success. Use student conferences to give and receive feedback and build relationships that will improve everyone’s engagement in the course.

Cancel your final

Give everyone a break from the stress of traditional finals and infuse a new sense of purpose in your final assessment with these suggestions for alternative final assessments.

Practicing project management

As the semester settles into a rhythm, the more daunting but less urgent projects that we’ve put off are beginning to demand attention. But where to start? Make a plan, commit to a practice and voila, the only work you’ll have to do is the work, not the managing of the anxiety about the work.

Support students’ basic needs

If we learned anything this summer, it’s that working under conditions of uncertainty and crisis makes it hard to get the work done. This is equally true for students, and it is true at the macro-level of statewide budgeting as well as the micro-level of individual...

iTeach Live Interviews

UAF eCampus’s iTeach is an in-person event for UAF faculty interested in exploring pedagogy, technology, and online learning. Over the course of multiple days, UAF faculty are invited to work closely with the eCampus instructional design team to explore course...

Facilitate active learning online

We learn better when we are involved in constructing our own knowledge. Some of us know this from experience — it’s why we do research, why we collaborate, why we ask our kids questions when we read to them. But this is also a finding backed by decades of...

Storytelling as Teaching

Storytelling is a powerful tool for communicating a message. How can you leverage this power in your teaching? Whose stories are shared — yours? Students’? In this workshop, we’ll look at examples of how and where storytelling can be most impactful...

Reflecting on your teaching

With all the logistics that go into wrapping up the semester, it’s hard to think about almost anything else — painful to think about the whole semester that you’re just trying to move beyond. But of course, as teachers we know that there’s great value in...

Try inclusive class agendas

An agenda creates transparency and welcomes inclusion in the classroom. If these are qualities you strive for in your teaching, consider these principles for creating open, inclusive class agendas.

Journaling for reflection and critical thinking

Reflective writing can help us carry ourselves through processes of change. Learning is a process of change and research shows that journal writing can support students across disciplines in connecting with and making meaning of their learning.

Students and learning in the “open’

Turning your course open with Open Education resources, practices, and pedagogy can have profound impacts on how students relate to the materials, to you, to their learning and their positioning relative to that learning. Ready to get started?

Hello? Use phone calls to connect with students

We’re at a point in the semester when energy gets low. Students have gotten quiet on discussion boards, you’ve got grading to last you the rest of winter and winter isn’t near over yet. It can be hard to keep everyone engaged in your work together, but making a simple phone call could make a big difference.

Teaching as mentoring

How do you guide your students not only through course material, but through navigating the university, their professional ambitions, a balance between personal and academic lives? This is the work of the teacher-as-mentor.

Great Discussions and their Environs

WHY …   What are students meant to take away from discussion? What impact does it have? Activity #2 You must post three times each week. Your first post should be an original thought with at least one secondary source. Your second and third posts should respond...