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How do I…

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Assessments and Grades

Remove extra total columns?

when your course is copied, sometimes the weighted and total columns also get copied so you end up with duplicates

Use a rubric for giving feedback?

provide comments as well as standard wording for feedback

Set up a grade column using (or not using) Running Totals?

display a grade as a letter grade but be careful to review the Running Total rules.

Color code my Grade Center?

use color to visualize students who might be at risk or who might need to be pushed to do even better

Clear a quiz attempt?

Sometimes student’s need their quiz attempt cleared so they can start over

Engage with Students

Use the performance analysis tools?

evaluate your tests: individual questions and student behavior

View my course as a student?

within Blackboard you can quickly see what your students sees

Update my due dates?

“Grade Center Due Dates” is a 1-page place that lists all of your assessments (discussion, quizzes, assignments, etc.) that are listed in your Grade center where you can update the due dates and times all one page.

Share a quickstart guide with my students?

share this PDF with your students for a quick getting started introduction to Blackboard

Class Management

Move the Support Question Mark

is this in your way?  eesysoft icon question mark on blue circle

Make my course available?

by default all Blackboard courses are made unavailable

Change my notification settings?

announcement updates, grading notifications and more

Adapt my course for Blackboard Mobile Learn?

features and process to be aware of that affect using mobile devices

Create Custom Text Columns to keep student notes

Sometimes you need to keep notes handle to help with gradeing

Blackboard’s Accessibility Report

What’s your accessibility score?

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