Your presence in your online course is a huge contributing factor to student engagement and success. You can demonstrate your presence in a variety of ways — from creating short, customized videos to sharing your interest in the course content with students. In many cases, merely being responsive and moderately active in discussion forums is enough. How can we build trust with students through our communications, feedback and activity in our course?


Read + Discuss

Check out and participate in the discussion on our #readinggroup channel in Slack. What questions do these raise for you? Do you agree or disagree? What’s missing from the debate? Did anything surprise you or seem useful? Or is all of this old hat?

Join the discussion anytime. This week’s live chat will be on Friday at 12 noon!


Build Something:

OPTION 1: Craft your instructor page within Blackboard. Please include an image that represents you as well as some version of your communication policy: how, when and where are you available to work with students? Will you hold virtual office hours for your course? How can a student contact you? When should they expect to hear back?

OPTION 2: Create a set of instructions for an assignment or tool to be used in your course.

Option 3: Create an intro video for your course. Introduce yourself and introduce the course to your students. For those of you interested in using the video studio, we will be scheduling time for you and will have more information on that later this week.

Post your build in an appropriate section of your WordPress or Blackboard course, then share the link in this Slides presentation. Check back in Slides to comment on builds and read what your colleagues have created and give feedback.


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