This week we explore open education which includes topics of open educational resources (OER), open educational practices (OEP), open admission, and open access. Often, viewpoints you will encounter regarding open education lean toward the “knowledge wants to be free” school of thought, but what about issues of quality, and intellectual property? Are there times when sharing is not in the best interest of learners? We look forward to hearing what you think.

Read + Discuss

Open Education and the Future (video)

Openness and Praxis: Exploring the Use of Open Educational Practices in Higher Education

Check out and participate in the discussion on our #5-read-discuss channel in Slack. What questions do these pieces raise for you? (Where) Do you agree and disagree? What’s missing from the debate?

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Case Study:

Check out this week’s case study and share your thoughts on our #case-study channel  in Slack.

Build Something:

Find an Open Education Resource to use in your course. Check out UAF’s Open Education website for help finding OER: For more open options for your course, we recommend browsing the Open Culture website.

“In OEP learners, teachers, and the at-large community work as co-creators on a shared resource or toward the achievement of a common real-world goal” ( Create an assignment or activity in your class that adopts this OEP approach.

Post your build in an appropriate section of your LMS or website, then share out a link in the #6-builds channel in Slack. Check back in on Slack to read what your colleagues have created and give feedback.


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