Adaptive release

Allows content or assessments to be shown to students based on an action that they perform.


  • rule – basic adaptive release contains 1 rule per action; advanced adaptive release may contain multiple rules.
  • criteria – the elements that describe the rule


  • Students will not be shown Module 2 until they review Module 1.
  • Students will advance to Module 2 after receiving a passing score on the quiz in Module 1.
  • Students will advance to additional content in Module 1 if they receive a low score on quiz 1.
  • Groups who review the required content and submit the required presentation by a certain date, advance to the final group evaluation form.

Bb support for Adaptive Release

Achievements or Badging

(Orientation course as example)

  • set up criteria for reaching benchmarks in which students receive an acknowledgment (certificate)
    • course completion
    • milestones
    • Attempts on test, surveys, and assignments
    • Grades on tests, surveys, and assignments
    • Graded discussion posts, graded wikis, graded blogs, and graded journals
    • Manually created Grade Center columns
    • Marked reviewed statuses on course content
    • Group membership or specific users
    • Start date to earn an achievement

Options in Bb for selecting criteria for achievements

Congratulations, you earned a milestone!

certificate icon    gold star

Bb support for Achievements Badginging

Exam Pools

Create pools of questions to populate quizzes

  • avoid possibilities for cheating by using random questions
  • self-assessment with random question options
  • module-level reviews for unit exams
  • provide quizzes that address  learning through repetition

Bb support for Reusing Questions Blackboard tests and surveys

Discussion Board

  • collect (iTeach Online)
  • posting options

Bb support for Discussions

Grade Center

Blackboard Smart Views

Bb support for  Grade Center Grade Center Analysis

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Web conferencing service tied to Blackboard. Browser of choice is Chrome and some versions of Firefox are also supported


  • no java download!
  • interactive whiteboard
  • audio
  • video
  • phone
  • share slides, files, web pages
  • break-out rooms
  • chat
  • recorded sessions
  • guest access

Bb support for Collaborate Ultra

Don’t see Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in your tools selection? You might have to add it to your available tools.
Tool availability option in Blackboard    location of Collaborate Ultra in Bb

Bb Mobile or Bb Learn

What’s the difference?


Bb Grader

Best feature: create audio and video feedback

Needs improvement feature: pen tool disappears for commenting

Bb Support: Grader