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About Blackboard Bitez

Blackboard Bitez are practical vignettes focused on using Blackboard features help deliver your course online effectively. 

Notice: Blackboard Learn Will Sunset After Spring 2024

UAF is currently transitioning to the learning management system (LMS) Canvas, and will no longer use Blackboard after Spring 2024. eCampus is here to assist with the move and is able to provide support at varying levels. To get started, check out the resources below, ask questions through the UAF Faculty Hub Slack or schedule a consultation with an instructional designer.

Discussion Board Course Link

This Blackboard Bitez tutorial  shows you how to create a course link to a discussion forum.  Course links are an easy way to keep all your navigation in one folder, one location. It minimizes confusion and makes your course overall look better.


Smart Views

Welcome to another episode of Blackboard Bitez. Each week, we take a look at the inner workings of Blackboard. This week, we look at the awesomeness of Smart Views. Show Notes A Smart View is a filtered view of specific columns in the Grade Center. It allows you to select a subset of columns, for example, for a particular set of assessments or students. When your Grade Center contains a large number of students and/or columns, a Smart View can quickly show you the data you want. Smart Views can be based on the following criteria: Performance, Students, Category &…

Multiple Folders Creation

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Blackboard Bytez. Each episode we take a look at the inner workings of Blackboard and the features that save us time. This week, I’ll show you how to create multiple folders in your Bb course shell. Show Notes Creating a folder inside of your course works similar as it would if you create a folder on your computer. It groups items/materials together that are related. The folders in Blackboard are often called modules or units, and usually follow a time period of a week or month. Creating multiple folders at the same time, can…

My Courses Navigation

This Blackboard Bitez shows you how to modify and personalize your landing page in Blackboard. You might find that this useful little tip helps you navigate around Blackboard a lot easier. Show Notes This video shows you how to make it easier to navigate to your courses in Blackboard. Editing the My Courses module in Blackboard let’s you hide courses you no longer need to see, and change the order of the courses you are currently working with to move them to the top.  Personalizing the front page of Blackboard may also help you focus on your courses by moving…

The Assignment Tool

Welcome to Blackboard Bitez! In this episode, let’s take a look at the build-in tool for assignments in Blackboard. Show Notes The video shows you how to use the assignment feature in your Blackboard course. The assignment tool is one way to provide an assignment to your students. It is a good alternative to having your students email you their assignments as attachments, filling up your inbox. Adding due dates, setting point, it’s all covered in the video above. Sudents can upload assignment files, as the feature supports file format uploads of .html, .doc/.docx, .xls/.xlsx, .ppt/pptx, and .pdf. You can…

Blackboard Bitez: Getting started with your course in Blackboard

In this Blackboard Bitez, we’ll show you how to get started with your Blackboard course. Especially if you have not used Blackboard before, or just a little, this should help you get started. Show Notes To view specific topics, click the links below: Getting to Blackboard  Create an AnnouncementMake Your Course Available to StudentsCreate a Discussion ForumUpload a Course Schedule/Syllabus Additional Context Every course at UAF gets a course site created in the Blackboard system. Each course site is initially created invisible to the students. However, if an instructors wants to use it, for example because the course now needs…