UAF eLearning has created a Blackboard template that can be used as a starting place for those developing an online course. The template is based on best practices for higher education online students.

The template navigation contains standard areas for instructor-created content, basic Blackboard tools and activity areas for student interaction, as well as areas that provide overall support to students enrolled in any UAF course.

To access the template inside of Blackboard:

  1. Log in to Blackboard with your UA credentials.
  2. Go to Template or Go to Courses tab and search for “Course” that “starts with” “eLearning Course Template.”

Shows search parameters for "starts with" eLearning course Template




  1. If you get an error message or don’t see any content, click on the “enroll” button to be enrolled to see and interact with all of the template pieces.

showing enroll button

Main page description

Course Content description

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