Students and faculty alike, can change their preferred notification settings for receiving information from Blackboard classes. Currently you get notified in three areas:

  1. Blackboard Dashboard or your home page after logging into the Blackboard system
  2. Email
  3. Mobile app notifications

It isn’t that easy to find where to change your preferences. Perhaps it is hidden to make it harder for students to change the default. You can find Notification settings by going to Updates found in the Global menu. Look for the Global menu in the upper right corner next to the logout icon.

global navigation icon in upper right of Blackboard window

Select Updates from the side menu

icon showing an alarm clock

Now select the “cog’ icon to the far right of the updates

Cog icon in upper right of updates window


Down at the bottom of the list of Blackboard features there is a link called View Notification Settings. This where the general and individual course settings can be found.

.View notification settings location

For maximum notification, check all three options (dashboard, email and mobile)

More information about notification settings from Blackboard Learn