My journey teaching an online course

I have been teaching Principles of Genetics (BIOL F260) face-to-face at UAF for the past 15 years. It’s a required course for biology majors and a prerequisite for medical school. In 2019, my department chair asked if I would consider developing the course for online...

Integrating arts, humanities into the science classroom

In order to better prepare graduates for the challenges of work, life and citizenship, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recently issued a report urging institutions of higher education to integrate the arts and humanities with science,...

Linguistics Meets the Art of Language Creation

UAF Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics Robin Shoaps wants to bring conlang enthusiasts and the field of linguistics closer together. She is currently developing a new course at UAF, titled “Elvish, Klingon & Dothraki: The Art & Science of...

OBTC 2015: The Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference

Dr. Nicole Cundiff and Janene McMahan travelled to the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference 2015 in La Verne, California. The session, Building Collaborative Community Development Tools, was met with interest with one faculty member wanting Nicole to consider another target audience, non-profits and the boards of nonprofit organizations, for this app. The session description was: A collaborative application […]

Planning for Shared Face-to-Face and Distance Labs

Dr. Sarah Hayes is planning CHEM 194, Introduction to Environmental Chemistry of the Arctic, for the Fall 2015 semester. The course will have both face-to-face and distance components, inviting all students to draw, submit and analyze water samples from across Alaska. Dr. Hayes is working with Dr. Jennifer Guerard and fellow CITE Fellow Dr. Chris […]

Using the ARIS Platform for Gamified Learning

In early March, the UAF Linguistics Program and CITE Fellows hosted Dr. Chris Holden from the University of New Mexico. Chris provided training on an Augmented Reality (AR) game platform and consultation on game development strategy for a CITE Fellow project led by Dr. Sabine Siekmann. This project brings together faculty (Dr. Duff Johnson) and […]

Role Play in Simulated Events as Mechanisms of Engagement

CITE fellow Sean McGee has been refining his ideas of running a simulated crisis event with his students as participants. The plan is to have the event run for period of time midway through the Fall 2015 academic semester. Sean is considering the logistics of running and organizing such an event, and how it would […]

Trying to Make Sense out of Chemical Structures

by Christopher Iceman So when I was initially informed of my CITE fellowship I had some safe ideas and some wild ones as well.  I was happy to find that the folks at eCampus like living a bit on the edge and encouraged me to go for the far fetched (and fun) plan.  The motivation for my project […]

Joanne Healy’s Grant Submission Adventure

Joanne Healy, while pursuing her CITE project goals, wrote two grant submissions in the last two months. She notes, “It’s important for new teachers to shift their pedagogy to a more collaborative approach based on continuous improvement of learning with 21st-century mobile devices.” Her proposal work parallels and supports recent SOE initiatives. While Joanne hopes […]

Eye Tracking as Pedagogical, Generative Tool

2014 CITE Fellow Dr. Sarah Stanley shares this reflection of her CITE project: Learning is like the jet stream of an airplane–it vanishes! But, as a teacher, I want to capture that jet stream–I want to study and learn from my student’s learning. So, in Fall 2014,  I will be, again, working with eye tracking […]

Personal Reflections on a CITE Project

A note from eCampus: We encourage all of our CITE Fellows to engage in reflective writing occasionally, and we ask that they are brave enough to share that reflection with other faculty. Innovation can be challenging in many ways, but more than anything the mapless...

Techniques for Innovative Ideas & Partnerships

Last Fall, during our inaugural launch of the CITE Fellows program, our Instructional Design Team was faced with a difficult challenge: how can we pair CITE faculty with Designers to work on innovative projects that have never been seen before? We came up with a few...

It’s Not a Class, It’s a Story

In the summer of 2012 I was presented with a challenge.   The time had come to drag my dusty, online, 100-level media literacy course into the 21st  Century.   I had inherited the course a few years earlier and it was essentially a digital version of an old-school...