Community Seminars in Teaching and Learning with UAF eCampus

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Propose a Community Seminar

Community Seminars in Teaching and Learning are led by faculty who’ve had success with a particular aspect of or approach to teaching and learning — i.e. contract-based grading, online accessibility, hybrid teaching, etc. Faculty facilitators discuss their experiences...

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Supporting Student Mental Health

Learn about successful, evidence-based practices for supporting students' mental health across the curriculum at UAF. This Community Seminar was hosted by Mat Wooller, Director of Alaska Stable Isotope Facility and founder of UAF's The Well, Jen Peterson, Assistant...

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Incorporating Career Development into Courses

Amanda White, Program Director of Applied Management, and Madara Mason, Associate Director of Teaching and Learning at UAF eCampus, hosted a Community Seminar on "Incorporating Career Development into Courses." They share about how to infuse small activities or ideas...

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Discovery-Based Group Learning

Gordon Williams, Professor of Mathematics, hosted a Community Seminar on "Discovery-Based Group Learning," highlighting the techniques he has used in his UAF courses to keep students engaged in group projects. Dr. Williams shares about facilitating effective group...

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Contract-Based Grading

Sarah Stanley, Director of University Writing, and Deborah Rinio, Instructor in Library Sciences, hosted a June 2020 seminar on "Contract-Based Grading." In addition to sharing applications of this collaborative approach to grading in their own courses, Deborah and...

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