Fall 2019 eCampus Supported Course Assistance

If you’re teaching a Fall 2019 course at UAF that’s listed as an eCampus-supported course (designated by sections like: UX, TX or KX, for example), then we can help speed things up for you! Fill these forms out as you start getting ready for next semester.

Do you need assistance with a course not offered through UAF eCampus? Contact OIT Support Center at helpdesk@alaska.edu or call (907) 450-8300 or toll free (800) 478-8226.

What do you need?

My Blackboard course copied or stacked - Fall

Use this form to copy content from a previous semester into your Fall 2019 Blackboard course shell. You can also use this form to stack your courses in Blackboard. We’ll take care of it for you!

Please do not combine class requests onto one form. One form per class. Enter information below or use this full page form.

A checklist to guide me through course updates

Use this checklist to keep track of the updates you’ve made or still need to do in your Fall 2018 Blackboard course shell. This checklist is most helpful after you’ve copied or created your course(s). We’ll also check in with you before the semester starts!

Access form in separate window

Auto enrollment for my Community@UAF course site

Open this form in a new window.

Use this form if you are using community.uaf.edu WordPress to host your course website AND your students are required to log in and participate through posting or commenting.  Note: If you are only using your course site for content (no student interaction), auto enrollment is not necessary.

This form requires that you are logged into your UA Google account.

MVP Club sign up

The MVP Club provides benefits to faculty who are proactive about copying and/or stacking their Blackboard courses semester-to-semester. Full page form

Submit proctored exam/quiz information

Use these forms to provide necessary details about having your exam proctored either by eCampus or an approved proctor. If you have questions, please contact Faith Fleagle at 907-455-2076 or fafleagle@alaska.edu.

Access form for ONLINE EXAMS ( in a separate window)

Access form for PRINT EXAMS (will open in a separate window)

Help producing media for my course

Complete this form to request assistance in planning, shooting or editing media content for your course. It will help in assuring we’re able to balance resources to meet your needs.

Request a Blackboard course shell for developing

Use this form to request that an empty Blackboard course shell be created for you to use as a development space for a future course offering. Expand form

Request a Community@UAF WordPress site

Use this form to request a community.uaf.edu WordPress course site.  This form requires that you are logged into your UA Google account.

Questions about the forms? Contact Karina Gonzales-Smith, Faculty Services Coordinator, at 907-455-2064 or ksgonzales@alaska.edu


UAF eCampus Events

Don’t forget to take advantage of our regularly scheduled Open Labs which are a great way for you to get one-on-one assistance. Check out the schedule below and our other faculty development opportunities.

Want to copy one of these events to your Google Calendar? Simply click on the event title and the “copy to my calendar” option should appear.