Looking for a Form?

eCampus offers a number of services that we’ve made more sustainable over time by transitioning them to a form request. Use this page to view our long term services and access assistance forms.

LMS Setup FormsProduction and Design Forms

Production and Design

New course, same need to get everything done in an ever dwindling amount of time. We can help.

Request a Development Shell

Use this form to request that an empty Blackboard or Canvas course shell be created for you to use as a development space for a future course offering. NOTE: please check Blackboard/Canvas first to see if the course shell already exists.

Request Studio Time with the Media Production Crew

Use this form to work with the eCampus media production crew. Please complete this request well in advance of the course need, as the studio is in high demand.

Request a Community@UAF WordPress Site

Use this form to request a community.uaf.edu WordPress course site. This form requires that you are logged into your UA Google account.

Request Professional Closed Captions for Your Videos

This form is for instructors who are creating instructional videos and would like assistance with captioning their content using 3Play Media, a professional captioning service. Faculty and instructors from across UAF, CTC, and CRCD, including adjuncts and TAs, are eligible for this assistance.

Learning Management System (LMS) Setup

It’s a new semester and you’ve got a lot to do. Let us help out with a few things. All forms open in a new tab.

Setup Auto-enroll for Students in a Community @UAF Site

Use this form if you are using community.uaf.edu WordPress to host your course website AND your students are required to log in and participate through posting or commenting.   Note: If you are only using your course site for content (no student interaction), auto enrollment is not necessary.

This form requires that you are logged into your UA Google account.

Share Blackboard Course Content

Use this form to allow another instructor to use your Blackboard course content. Upon review, we will copy the content from the Source Course to the Destination Course.

LMS Checklist

Use this checklist to keep track of the updates you’ve made or still need to do in your newest course shell. This checklist is most helpful after you’ve copied or created your course(s). 

Looking for Something Else?

Need help beyond the forms? Try booking a consultation with a designer. We can work with you and get you setup for success.

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