How do you know they are listening?

You put an incredible amount of effort into your online or flipped course. If you’re curious to see how often–or, how long–people are listening, reports and data help. Blackboard, SoundCloud, and YouTube track user views.


Course Reports – Course Activity Overview is the perfect place to begin. It is an overview of user activity shown visually. You can drill down into more data by clicking on some
of the images, and you can download the numbers in a spreadsheet.

How? Go to Blackboard Course Management, Evaluation, Course Reports. When you see “Successful Run: Course Activity Overview’ click “Download Report’ for the data. More report examples are shown on iTeachU Running Reports.

Bb Tracking

Figure 1: Blackboard Course Reports: All User Activity inside —Content Areas (the second report you should run).




Quickly see overall information; SoundCloud “stats’  are easy to use! Multiple time ranges are provided and additional reports are available through the pro account.

SoundCloud Tracking

SoundCloud visuals and numbers in one chart. Grey color “other’ indicates deleted items or private tracks.

How? Log in and choose Stats from the drop down under your account name. When the first report pops up you can change the dates on the left or click on specific tracks for isolated info.



Analytics include six type of view reports and six types of engagement reports. All the reports have additional features and many can be displayed as bar, stacked bar, lines, pie, world map view.

YouTube Tracking

YouTube pie chart of most watched videos including metrics for the number of videos watched during the quarter. A list below the chart shows number of views, percentage of the total, an estimate of the minutes watched and the average view duration.

How? Log into YouTube, navigate to the Video Manager or Creator Studio, select “Analytics’ on the left to expand the menu. Choose “Views’ and click the symbol of the pie chart.



Use reports as a troubleshooting device: look for  outliers (Figure 1). Use reports to determine whether  or not interest has waned: look at the averages over the semester. Use results from reports to help you redesign a segment of your course.

The best methods to know if a students are listening include frequent quizzes, personal interaction, weekly polls, and asking questions via a required check-in point. —The personal touch wins the day.



iTeachU Classroom Management: Running Reports


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