I spoke with Jeanetter Renaudineau, Instructional Designer at the University of Alaska Anchorage, about the upcoming event she and other designers at UAA, along with designers here at UAF, are putting on in April: Serious Fun, a gathering for educators and students who like, are curious about, or have plans to integrate gamification in the classroom. The event, like this 2-part episode, is divided in two: Anchorage will be having their half of Serious Fun on April 11th, and we at UAF will be having our half on April 14th. They are not the same event, and as such I will be speaking to Owen Guthrie, fellow Instructional Designer here at UAF eCampus, to talk about what we are going to do on the 14th. I think you should try to make both, if you can 🙂

Oh! And if you’re interested in submitting proposals for the UAA Serious Fun Gathering, or want more information, check out  games.commons.uaa.alaska.edu