Introductions: A List

For our first activity in EPIC this semester, we’d like to get to know you as a teacher. We’d like to know not just what you teach, but how and why you teach. And what better way to learn about a person than to ask too many questions?  

Please join our Slack team and list your responses to the prompts below in our “#2-everyone’ channel. Check back often as others share, respond and react (Slack has emojis for this!).

  1. Your favorite assignment from a course you are teaching this semester (attach or link to it if you can!)
  2. A teaching resource (book, article, video, podcast, person) that inspires you.
  3. Your worst fear about teaching.
  4. Your worst fear about online teaching.
  5. Favorite class you ever took.
  6. Your teaching approach, in 2 sentences.
  7. Favorite emoji (select from Slack’s options) for expressing enthusiasm.
  8. A boring fact about you.