The EPIC program thrives on your willingness to collaborate and create. The program facilitates both through a series of discussions, workshops, small group projects and consultations. The fall semester is divided into two sections: Praxis and Collaborate. In the spring, your focus is on delivering your course, with support of the cohort. Check out the “At a Glance” tab below for a snapshot of the schedule, or navigate over to the calendar for a longer view. To keep us on track with our course designs, we’ve created a checklist that you can download and use yourself.

Additional resources include:

  • iTeachU Pedagogy Resources: A treasure trove of guidance and references for most of your pedagogical and tech questions
  • Design Team: eCampus’s instructional designers are here to help. Come in, call, or email.
  • Events Calendar: eCampus offers weekly workshops and Open Lab appointments. Come in and get help!