When streaming video was a new technology the capabilities to control volume, speed and resolution were novel. Could you imagine not being able to rewind and replay a video today now that these sorts of interactive features are standard? Video interactivity has come a long way since the early days. We are now able to incorporate quizzing, to link directly to particular timestamps within a video, and to incorporate branching options to viewers. These three opportunities are worth investigating to enhance video content in your class.

Interactivity in the form of a quiz can be effective in bringing the viewer’s attention back to the topic at hand when intermittent questions are posed. In-video linking enables viewers to customize their viewing experience according to their need, by letting them skip ahead or review topics easily within the video1. Branching interactivity can give agency to viewers by allowing them to explore various outcomes based on decisions they make within a particular narrative. Each of these types of interactions offer a higher degree of control to viewers over standard video, allowing them to take a more self directed approach to their learning2.

There are various tools available that can help you incorporate interactivity into your video. The type of interactivity you want to add will help determine which platform you can use. Do you want the ability to incorporate quizzing into video? Do you want the ability to link topics based so students can select what they view based on their skill level? Do you want to create a branching structure in which viewers are able to explore the results of the decisions they make? Below are a few platforms that make adding these types of interactivity relatively easy.


Platforms for Building Interactive Video

Platform Quizzing In-Video Linking Branching
Youtube X X
Zaption X
Interlude.fm X X X


Planning interactivity for video will take extra time, as will familiarizing yourself with the platform with which you decide to create your video. If you’d like to get a jump on the process, or if you would like to see more of what is possible with interactive video, please join us for one of our scheduled Open Lab times here in eCampus. You can see upcoming lab times on our upcoming events calendar.

Interactive Video Examples

Article:  Ways to use Zaption in the Classroom

Video: A Quizzing Example with Zaption

Video: Using Youtube Annotations to Link Video (simple branching):

Video: Example Using Timestamps in Youtube Video Descriptions to Link Within Video

Video:  Interlude.fm Branching Video Example

Interactive video screentshot

Video:  Interlude.fm Video Menu Example

Interactive video, Interlude Menu

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