UAF eCampus Faculty Development Opportunities

UAF eCampus offers many different ways for faculty to improve their courses. Here are just a few of opportunities we offer!

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No Current Sessions

We will post dates and application information here as soon as our next iTeach workshop is scheduled.


iTeach is a 3-day workshop on pedagogy, technology, and online learning. UAF faculty are invited to work closely with the eCampus design team to explore course design processes, best practices and innovations in online learning. Participants can expect to connect with colleagues and to think critically about the choices they make in their course designs. 

iTeach is an in-person event open to any UAF instructors who can attend in-person. We are sometimes able to support travel for rural/remote faculty to attend. If you think you qualify, please reach out to Kendell Newman Sadiik,

CITE Fellows: the Chancellor’s Innovation in Technology and Elearning Fellowship

CITE Fellows are chosen through both nominations and a competitive interview process. We’re looking for faculty who are creative and  energetic risk-takers. Although we ask for tenured, tenure-track, and term faculty, we aren’t necessarily looking for experienced faculty. We strive each year to build a community of Fellows, each of whom brings something different to the cohort: years of teaching experience, a fresh take on traditional pedagogies, a passion for interdisciplinarity, or fascination with technology. What we want is fellows who are prepared to innovate, collaborate, and lead. Who is that person in your academic community? Please make sure you speak to your nominee prior to submitting your nomination. The expectations of a CITE Fellow are high and the activities create an additional workload for any faculty member.

Faculty fully participating in CITE Fellows activities are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Travel Stipends
  • Cutting Edge Technology Tools
  • Eligibility for Financial Incentives & Awards
  • Specialized Workshops & Training
  • Cohort activities sponsored by UAF eCampus
  • Significant Instructional Design Partnerships & Support
  • UAF eCampus Advocacy

CITE Fellows

Plan/Develop Project During Fall

Develop/Deliver Project
During Spring

Faculty Learning Communities

What do you want to work with other UAF faculty on?

Suggest an FLC topic (or multiple) and we’ll be in touch!

About Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities are emerging from a partnership between the Instructional Design Team, the Provost’s Faculty Development Team, and the Faculty Development and Improvement Committee. The first few communities are currently in development and looking for members. As new topics for communities emerge,  we will open applications for leaders and members alike.

Current FLC Topics

Best Practices for Dual Enrollment Online Courses
Best Practices for High Enrollment Online Courses
Trauma Informed Pedagogies


Quality Matters Certification for Online Courses

Join the growing number of Quality Matters-certified courses at UAF. Quality Matters (QM) is  a faculty-driven peer review process that is focused on quality improvement for online courses. The QM certification is nationally recognized and is backed by research-based standards.

UAF offers QM training opportunities on Applying the Online Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) and Improving Your Online Course (IYOC) for professional development, during which you will improve your online course. Prerequisites: You must have an existing online course to participate.

APPQMR Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the underlying principles of QM. (Recognize key QM underlying principles and concepts.)
  2. Identify the critical elements of the QM quality assurance program, including the QM Rubric, materials, processes, and administrative components.
  3. Apply the QM Rubric to review online courses.
  4. Make decisions on whether the sample course meets selected QM Rubric Standards.
  5. Apply the concept of alignment.
  6. Draft helpful recommendations for course improvement by citing annotations from the QM Rubric and evidence from the course.

IYOC Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize the foundational concepts of Quality Matters.
  2. Apply the essential Standards of the Quality Matters Rubric to your own online course.
  3. Describe the alignment of at least one module/unit in your online course.
  4. Prioritize improvements to your online course.

More information regarding QM

QM Training Dates

Training Topic Dates Duration Registration
Applying the Online Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) 15-29 May 2020 2 wks Contact Janene
Improving Your Online Course (IYOC) 5-26 Jun 2020 3 wks Contact Janene

Calendar of Events at Alaska Quality Initiative.
Free webinars listed on Quality Matters website.

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Contact us if you have questions regarding QM:

EPIC: Expanding Pedagogies, Innovative Courses

EPIC is a two-semester, cohort-based program that supports UAF teachers developing and delivering online courses. During the first semester of the program, participants explore online pedagogies as they build their courses with facilitation from eCampus instructional designers. During the second semester of the program, participants deliver their courses with the ongoing support and collaboration of the cohort. EPIC is a hybrid of online, asynchronous and in-person, synchronous events requiring 5-10 hours/week of work. Members of the EPIC cohort develop innovative online courses, connect with peers across disciplines, and have the opportunity to think big about education in a digital age. View the curriculum and sample assignments here. *Note: EPIC is open to any faculty who are developing a course for UAF (not UAA or UAS at this time). Faculty at a distance are welcome to apply and participate remotely.


No Current Cohorts

UAF eCampus will post application information here as soon as it’s available.

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No Current Sessions


About iTeach Online

iTeach Online is a hands-on learning opportunity offered by the Instructional Design Team at UAF eCampus. This 6-week workshop contains a series of activities designed to help faculty start to build a solid online course founded in current research and relevant learning experiences. Participants spend 5-10 hours each week learning best practices, planning for course objectives alignment, and crafting at least one replicable course unit. To see more details about topics, dates, and planned activities, click “Calendar/Details” above. UAF Instructional Designers know how difficult it is to teach in today’s post-secondary institutions. If you’re looking to become a more dynamic and effective teacher, if you want to learn how to incorporate select web tools into a course,  or if you want to teach online, they can help.  Instructional Design Team members are experienced in teaching traditional face-to-face or online courses. Skills taught by the team during weekly synchronous sessions, and the discussion you hold with your peers assist you in creating pedagogically sound courses that are fun, possess academic integrity, and meet UAF’s academic guidelines.


No Current Sessions
*iTeach Online is open to faculty and teaching assistants on other campuses who wish to participate. Concerned about bandwidth? Participate in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions via your device with the video turned off.

About iTeach2

iTeach2 is an extension of our original iTeach intensive, which has been a highly successful endeavor with more than 400 faculty having attended over its lifetime. At iTeach2, faculty who are familiar with online classes and comfortable with technology can spend 5 days in intensive workshops with their peers as our Instructional Designers lead them through a series of hands-on activities, in-depth discussions, and creative course development strategies. To be eligible for iTeach2, you must be:

  • comfortable with Google Apps for Education (including Drive, Calendar, and Mail)
  • familiar with Blackboard beyond the grade book
  • a previous participant with iTeach or a CITE Fellow (to have this requirement waived if you feel you are an advanced participant, include an explanation in the “philosophy” area of the application)
  • mostly at home in the ever-changing online landscape, especially as it pertains to education
  • willing to commit to 5 full days of participation

For those who are willing to commit to this level of faculty development, eCampus is providing a 9.7″ iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to facilitate the creation of high-quality materials for their online courses. To see more about the kinds of sessions offered at iTeach2, select “Calendar/Details” above. *The application period for iTeach2 has now closed. Please watch this space for future events. 

This is a sample list of the kinds of topics we will be covering in iTeach2:

  • Information Fluency
  • Innovation and Quality: What are They?
  • The iPad Pro for Domain Delivery
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality for Engagement
  • Through the Learning Glass (Studio Tour)
  • Blackboard Advanced
  • Advanced Collaboration in GAFE
  • Implementing Field Trips in the Online Classroom
  • Open Education and WordPress
  • Google Classroom for Discussion and Assessment
  • Great Discussions and their Environs
  • The iPad Pro for Assessment
  • Embed All the Things
  • Game Mechanics in the Classroom


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