Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities at UAF support faculty working together to investigate big ideas and develop sustaining, university-wide responses.

“A faculty learning community is a specifically structured, yearlong academic community of practice that includes the goals of building community, engaging in scholarly (evidenced-based) teaching, and the development of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  

An FLC is not a committee, task force, course, book club, or action learning set. Rather, an FLC is a small-group learning structure with a process that enables its participants to investigate and provide solutions for about any significant problem or opportunity in higher education.

The outcomes of implementation science confirm that FLCs provide the most effective educational development programming model for implementing evidence-based interventions.’

(Adapted from Miami University’s work on best practices in Faculty Learning Communities as well as the Faculty Learning Community Planning Guide)

In 2020, UAF eCampus will support three Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) that will explore trauma-informed pedagogies, working with dual-enrolled students, and management of high-enrollment courses. Applications are due by Sunday, January 26th.  

Applications due Sunday, January 26th

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