& How To Resize Them

Find Free Graphics

There are at least two great ways to search for images you can use in your course materials (or homework):

  1. Google Images search
  2. Website repositories of graphics labeled for commercial or non-commercial reuse

Resize Them

Why resize?

There are two great reasons to resize images: faster load time on a web-page and smaller file size when sharing or storing a document.

How to resize?

Use one of the resources above and change the dimensions of the image and/or the resolution of the final stored image to reduce file size. First, crop the image to be just what you want. Only download smaller images unless you need a very high-resolution graphic for printing!


Find the product that works for you and stick with it.

Create a folder to save items to and rename images (what they are or how you want to use it) to reduce future time searching.

Extra Tips

Consider sharing a Google Drive folder with your students Put graphics into the folder to help get them started, plus this tip, or your assignment sheet.

Want your students to go out and create images that they share with each other? Consider creating a Flickr group. That’s a cool way to make a pool of images that are clearly free to use.


Download this Teaching Tip (PDF)