There is a new version of Google Sites and it is really easy to use! Need to make a quick website for your class materials? Want to have your students create simple websites for presentation or other activities but not get bogged down with technology? The fancy new Google Sites is now available at UA Google Apps for Education and it has never been easier to create a web page from scratch.

Create your site by opening a browser and going to your UA Google Drive ( and click on the ‘New”  —> ‘Google Sites’ (hint — first log into your UA Gmail account)

How to create a new Google Site choose New and then Google Sites from within your Drive folder

A new tab will open in your browser with the framework for a new Google Site. And, yes, the Google Site will remain available for future editing and sharing from within Google Drive, just like your Docs, Sheets, and Slides!

The new Site interface is super easy to use, simply click on text you want to update or click on anything from the insert menu on the right — it’s so intuitive that instruction is hardly necessary — you should just go try it out! Clicking on any text allows editing, clicking on anything in the ‘Insert’ section will let you include that in your page. If you click on ‘Docs’, for example, and you have your syllabus as a Google Doc already, you can embed it neatly within the page.

Editing The New Google Sites

Once you have content started, it is also easy to rearrange, resize and delete items. And Google has provided a helpful grid for positioning elements during resizing.

It’s easy to add new pages to your site as well as update the theme through the right-side panel.

Location of buttons for preview, share, publish and how to select a theme arrows in this image.

Options for previewing,  sharing (for viewing or editing), and publishing your site are along the top.  

Even though it is ready and available for building on, Google is still working on transitioning from the old Sites to the new. So, we can expect some additional functionality to be added over the course of the next year and in 2018, the old Google Sites will be depreciated.

What we don’t have on the new Sites is the ability to share editing privileges on a page by page basis (only for the full site) nor is there a blog section of content arranged by publish date. We also don’t have the ability to use custom themes or do any advanced modifications such as with CSS. The menu location is also restricted to either the top or left side.    Still, the ease of use for this new interface makes it one we can definitely recommend if you don’t need these other features.

For more information about using Google Sites, please visit:

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