Google Meet replaces Google HangoutsIn the next few weeks, some faculty may notice a switch from “Google Hangouts’ to something called “Google Meet’. The two are nearly identical but the change in interface might be a little confusing, so we’ve summarized some of the changes to help you stay ahead of the game.


  • up to 25 simultaneous users
  • invite students through a meeting code which you can reuse
    • get meeting code through a calendar event
    • get meeting code directly at
  • currently only works in Chrome; other browser compatibility is in the works
  • moderator needs to have a Google account to log in; users do not need a Google account ( or commercial gmail account) users do need to use Chrome to access meeting
  • there is NO option to call the meeting with a phone unless you use the Google smartphone app

Resource with lots of good information

The New Google Welcome Screen

Google Meet replaces Google Hangouts

The new meet (Hangouts) interface for Google

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