Graduate Fellowship in Instructional Design

Graduate students are dedicated to their disciplines, their studies, their research and writing. A semester-long fellowship with the eCampus Design Team allows these dedicated students to turn their attention to teaching.

With support from instructional designers, graduate fellows from across academic disciplines identify barriers to undergraduate learning at UAF and, over the course of one semester, develop creative, technology-based responses. Graduate fellows apply to the program with a project proposal, which they revise and pursue with support from instructional designers. Over the course of their fellowship, they also contribute to ongoing design team projects, including the opportunity to lead workshops and submit to our publications. Fellows are project managers, collaborators, and learners all at once.

The graduate fellowship is a one-semester opportunity, which includes:

  • Stipend, tuition waiver, and health insurance
  • Work space @ eCampus on the UAF main campus
  • 20 hours/week required
  • Access to paid software programs and UAF eCampus’s equipment loan library
  • Participation in ongoing eCampus and Design Team programs and projects
Lawrence Itela

Lawrence Itela

Lawrence, MS, is a doctoral student in the UAF Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and a Summer Fellow at UAF elearning. He holds more than five years experience teaching undergraduate courses in General and Physical chemistry with research interest in environmental chemistry and chemical education and learning.

The UAF polar bear in blue

Megan Roberts

Megan is a recent M.S. graduate of the UAF Environmental Chemistry program and also holds an M.S. in Engineering and Technology Management from Louisiana Tech University. She has 3 years of teaching experience and recently completed an Instructional Design Fellowship at UAF eCampus.

Chelsea Zibell

Qaggun Zibell

Qaggun, whose English name is Chelsey, holds an M.A. in English Literature, M.F.A. in Poetry, and M.A. in Education from UAF. She was a 2017 Graduate Fellow in Instructional Design and now teaches English and Iñupiaq at the Effie Cochran School in Fairbanks.