Create mobile-friendly content

Instructors find that more students are using mobile devices to access course content. Following a few considerations for creating mobile-friendly content will not only benefit those who use their phone or tablet for reading, discussing and doing, but is good for universal design for all users.

Pick up Slack

There is no shortage of discussion platforms to choose from if you’re interested in implementing one in your class. Among the available platforms is Slack, a third party communication app that blends elements of chat, discussion board, and social media.

Integrating science, math into arts, humanities courses

Adding transdisciplinary activities in your course may help engage and motivate students to be more successful. Making content relevant to a variety of discipline areas encourages students to be well-rounded and open to new ideas, skills they can take to any classroom and to the workplace. This week’s tip continues the discussion in considering a STEAM curriculum.

Integrating arts, humanities into the science classroom

UAF associate professor Mary Beth Leigh, with the help of colleagues around campus, integrates technical and creative writing into her Environmental Microbiology (BIOL 457/657) course. Once in their careers, her students typically need to be able to write about science for both technical and general audiences. Children’s books, original drawings and interactive images were just some of the outcomes.

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Integrating disciplines to help students succeed

Two recent studies from the National Association of Colleges and Employers and the National Academy of Sciences highlight the need to address a more integrative curricular approach to improve competencies desired by employers. In this Teaching Tip, we take a brief look at these two reports and invite faculty to join the discussion on how integration of scientific, technical and liberal arts fields can work to enhance post-graduation success.

Blackboard Set Grade Center Due Dates

If you are reusing course content from one semester to the next, one of the more tedious clean up tasks you’ll need to do is to update assessment and assignment due dates. Students depend on due dates to keep on task and create some momentum towards completion...

Three ways to manage WordPress contributions

If you’ve ever used WordPress in your class as a space for student contribution, you’ve likely wondered if there is an optimal way to see what is being published and who is making contributions. This information is vital in an online course where post and comment activity often happens asynchronously. In this Teaching Tip, we’ll discuss strategies that allow you to track student engagement and interaction.

What is that Blackboard Support Question Mark?

Our version of Blackboard has an added feature for technical support called EesySoft. you may have noticed a blue-gray question mark that follows you in Blackboard as you move from screen to screen.     When you hover of the icon, select the icon and a support page...

PlayPosit Interactive Video Tool

UAF eLearning is currently piloting the PlayPosit video interactivity tool in eLearning-supported courses. PlayPosit allows instructors and students to add interactive elements such as quizzes and discussions to an existing video.It can be used to add interactivity to...

Three ways to set up your course more efficiently

Teaching online since 2011, Janene McMahan has learned some things along the way. In this tip she shares three ideas for making the best use of your time: set expectations, set up your workspace for good flow, and prep a layout once then replicate it.