Workshop Details

See workshop recordings and resources.On November 17th and 19th, UAF welcomes trauma-informed practice teachers Jody Hassel and Linda Thai for a workshop on Trauma-Informed Pedagogy. This 2-day, 4-hour workshop with Jody Hassel and Linda Thai is for all UAF faculty,...

Propose a Community Seminar

Community Seminars in Teaching and Learning are led by faculty who’ve had success with a particular aspect of or approach to teaching and learning — i.e. contract-based grading, online accessibility, hybrid teaching, etc. Faculty facilitators discuss their experiences...

Meet the learners in UAF’s edX courses

Over 16,000 learners have chosen to enroll in AlaskaX courses from UAF through the edX platform. Learn how these courses are reaching learners around the globe and sharing UAF’s expertise with the world.

What I love about PlayPosit

UAF Associate Professor of Art Mareca Guthrie teaches Beginning Drawing, which consistently has close to 100 enrollments. She has been experimenting with interactive video for several years and shares eight things she loves about PlayPosit.

Addressing discrimination in learning environments

We can never guarantee total safety or know what feels safe to all students. However, we can do our best to promote conditions of relative safety. Why is establishing relative safety in our learning environments so important? Let’s start with an assumption that...

Canvas II Workshop

Included is a recording of our Canvas Level 2 workshop. This presentation covers topics that include: Assignments with external tools including Google Docs SpeedGrader and the gradebook Grade schemes Groups Peer Reviews...

Reinvigorate online discussions with Hypothesis

Hypothesis is a collaborative annotation tool now available in all UAF Canvas courses. Hypothesis merges the tasks of reading and discussion through the act of annotation, allowing students to hold contextualized discussions and share their reading experience.

Innovating through repair

Turning inward as a community, sharing used resources and repairing as needed is an Alaskan way of life. Just as transfer sites are a physical manifestation of this, we can create and find places online that allow us to share and reuse discarded resources for teaching and learning.

Strategies for better first-week student engagement

It’s the first week of class. Do you know where your students are? It can be a rocky time for students the first week, even for those who are experienced. Here are some tips for helping them get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Creating Course Links in Canvas

Create clickable text in your Canvas course that link to other places in your course. Edit the page where you want to create a link (make clickable text). Highlight the text you want to be clickable. Select the Link tool from the toolbar and choose “Course Link” as...