Workshop Details

See workshop recordings and resources.On November 17th and 19th, UAF welcomes trauma-informed practice teachers Jody Hassel and Linda Thai for a workshop on Trauma-Informed Pedagogy. This 2-day, 4-hour workshop with Jody Hassel and Linda Thai is for all UAF faculty,...

Propose a Community Seminar

Community Seminars in Teaching and Learning are led by faculty who’ve had success with a particular aspect of or approach to teaching and learning — i.e. contract-based grading, online accessibility, hybrid teaching, etc. Faculty facilitators discuss their experiences...

Creating a learner-centered syllabus

Research shows that a learner-centered syllabus increases positive student perception of the course and instructor, and generally leads to better learning outcomes. Here are specific ways you can update your syllabus to be more learner-centered.

10 Things I Hate About Online Teaching

Your Teaching Practice is Personal Occasionally, it serves us well to be honest and reflect on our teaching practice in a way that allows for change.  10 Things by UAF eCampus Google Doc for strategies and ideas.  Space to Reflect Add notes to each slide. You’ll...

Community WordPress sites switching to block editor

eCampus is updating WordPress sites hosted on the community server to use the Gutenberg block editor on May 7, 2021. The Gutenberg block editor is a very different editing experience compared to the WordPress classic editor. Here’s how you can prepare.