Collaboration and group work can provide opportunities to practice cooperation, role differentiation, empathy, leadership and communication skills. These kinds of activities come closer to real life work practices than many other kinds of traditional classroom practices. Hopefully this week you will learn and experience some new ways to teach and assess your students.


Read + Discuss

Collaboration & Creativity: Getting Into the Right Mindset (article)

Leveraging Micro-Opportunities to Address Macroproblems: Toward an Unshakable Sense of Possibility Thinking (article)

The Creative Power of Collaboration (7-minute video)

This week, for a change, we’ll be using these articles to inspire thoughts on collaboration. The first article is written with designers as the audience, but we think that the ideas apply to anyone working with others in a team or group context. You’re welcome to post thoughts and reactions in Slack.

Don’t forget we have a Live Chat scheduled for Friday if you want to join the group in real-time to discuss the readings.


Build Something:

OPTION 1: Create an assignment that necessitates group work and write a plan for facilitating the work. How will groups be determined? Will you structure student collaboration by requiring a group plan? Are there interim assignments leading to a larger project? What is the responsibility of each group to the rest of the class? What are the roles of individuals in the group? How will you assess students?

OPTION 2: Build a micro-collaboration activity appropriate for your class — not a major group project, but a peer review, small group discussion,  or tool-based collaboration, etc. How will you facilitate the activity? Will you designate a specific tool or software for students to use or let them self-select? How will you evaluate the outcome?

Build your activity in your WordPress or Blackboard course, then share the details in this Slides presentation. Please check back in the presentation throughout the week to see and give feedback on what your colleagues are creating.


iTeach+: Google Draw for Small Group Collaboration

Tuesday, March 20, 12-1pm
Join in-person @ 145 Bunnell, or virtually via this link.

If you’re already using Google Docs, Google Draw is just as useful and you may not have considered that it’s a better option in some cases for facilitating collaboration.

See our faculty development calendar for more iTeach+ options this week.

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