Introduction: Your Playlist

So often when we meet someone new we get to know them through credentials — where you’ve been, what you’ve done — and through network — who do you know that I know. We’d like to suggest another way of getting to know each other.

Has anyone ever made you a playlist, mix CD, mix tape (moving back in time through technologies here), or simply curated some music for you to enjoy? There’s something special about that, about sharing what you like and how it fits together. For our introductions in EPIC, we’d like to ask you to share a multimedia playlist that helps us get to know you as a teacher and learner. What are the articles, quotes, songs, videos, podcasts, journals, remembered moments, and more that get you going in the work you do? Anything goes, as long as you can figure out a way to either describe it or link it, so that the rest of us can get a first-hand experience. 

Share your playlist with the group in the #everybody channel on Slack, then sit back, browse, and enjoy the playlists of your colleagues. Do you see similarities? Anything new that you particularly like? Play around with the ways that Slack allows you to respond — try commenting or use an emoji — and get a conversation started.

Please post your playlist by Friday.