**Make Your Next Field Trip Virtually Good by Dan LaSota (Teaching Tip)

A Field Trip Activity


Ultimately you will create a “thing” and share it by completing the following steps:

  1. Choose an interaction with meat-space mediated by a mobile device (your iPad in this case)
    • Identify and photograph
    • Record specific actions (animate, inanimate)
    • Record audio
    • Observe and collect data over time
    • Sketch or trace images in the field
    • Geolocate something or many things
    • Augment reality in some way by adding layers
  2. Choose a place to both collect AND reflect evidence of your interaction with meat-space (your choice)
    • If you recorded a video, add it to Explain Everything (or create it there in the first place) then explain your video observations through handwritten notes and other additions around the sides of the video
    • If you ollected images of certain objects, place those images in a slide show and add text to reveal connections between the images
    • If you created audio recordings, add them to Notability and then write or draw next to these recordings to illuminate what you recorded
    • If you geolocated things in space, add them to a map, then annotate the map
    • If you augmented something in the field, screenshot the augmentation and add it to a PDF. Annotate the PDF to explain the value of this augmentation
  3. Choose a platform to share your “collect and reflect” from #2 (in this case you will share what you made in the Slack channel called “#fieldtrip.”
    • Either link to or add your “collect and reflect” item then, before Thursday’s “iPadPro for Assessment” session, make sure to add your thoughts on how you might be able to use (or NOT use) a meat-space activity in your online classroom and what the benefits might be.
    • Reflect (to yourself) about assignments that you’re already doing that could be improved with a field trip.