As you’re teaching a class, especially for the first time, you will run into things you want to revise for the next offering. There are many ways to keep track of these notes and you should select the method that best works for you. Here’s an idea for keeping these notes right inside the Blackboard course you are currently using.

Inside of your Blackboard course, create a new Content Area in your sidebar menu called Notes or something meaningful.

In Blackboard, select the "plus" icon to create a new menu item. Select New Content Area

Keep the item hidden from students.

Keep item hidden by making sure the checkbox by Available by users is unchecked

Which looks like this:
example of sidebar menu: Notes for next time


Create an item where you can keep notes under Build Content.

Find New item under the dropdown menu for Build Content. Example show notes about items to revision for next time the course is offered
As you come across assignments that aren’t working as expected, quiz questions that need to be rewritten, concepts that might need more coverage or anything you want to revise for the next offering add instructions to yourself in your notes.

The next time you offer the course, you are mostly likely to copy this previous content into your new course shell for the upcoming semester. Voilå, your notes are easy to find, right where you need them!


  1. Create Content Area as a sidebar menu
  2. Do not make it available to students
  3. Add a new item to new Content Area
  4. Add notes as needed