A learning management system (LMS) is a platform from which you stage, deliver, and manage your course content. Blackboard Learn, Canvas and WordPress are LMSs that you may be familiar with, but there are many more. Each LMS has some tools that are similar and others that are different compared to other systems. Your decision on an LMS for your course will be informed by your content, communication, and collaboration needs for your class.


Read + Discuss

This week, we’ll be using these articles to begin asking questions that will get us thinking about which LMS will be appropriate for our own course. Post your thoughts and reactions in the Slack #reading-group channel and bring your big burning questions to the Live Chat. This week’s live chat will take place on Monday, February 19th at Noon, instead of this Friday.


Build Something:

OPTION 1: Identify content and interaction needs and any other requirements in your course that may influence your choice of LMS. What will you and your students need to succeed throughout the semester with regard to a course delivery platform (LMS)? Write these needs down either as a brief narrative or visualize them in a drawing/diagram. 

OPTION 2: Imagine your class as a spaceship. What will you need onboard to complete your mission successfully? How will your crew survive the flight into space and back? Create a load plan for your spaceship and schematic for how everything will fit.

Complete Option 1 or Option 2, then post your plan directly to our Slack channel for the week (build#3). Check back on that channel to see and give feedback on what your colleagues are creating.


iTeach+: WordPress Workshop: Navigation and Sidebars (2/22, 1-2)

Thursday, February 22, 1-2pm
Join in-person @ 145 Bunnell, or virtually via this link.

If the menus in your WordPress course or site are uncontrollable or hard to change, you might need some tricks and shortcuts. Also, see hilarious examples of bad navigation and ridiculous sidebars.

See our faculty development calendar for more iTeach+ options this week.

Open Lab

Tuesday 2:00 – 4:00
Wednesday 1:00 – 3:00 (virtual open lab)
Friday 10:00 – 12:00