Finding reliable resources, learning software and incorporating technology in your teaching and learning can sometimes be a challenge. One such resource,, will not be renewed this coming year. According to the UAF Rasmuson library website, increasing access costs and changes to whom may use the license is making the service cost-prohibitive.(1) Of course, this service is available on an individual or group basis so if you are a power-user you might want to look into getting your own subscription. But maybe you only used the service occasionally or maybe there is only one product you’re interested in exploring. There are other paid services you might explore, but the resources listed below all have free access. Most of these resources are also available for your students and can be provided to them to help fill in their own gaps in software knowledge.

a collection of google app iconsMost major software providers like Adobe, Microsoft or Google have terrific online resources. has lots of support material for their products and they even have a series of exercises that provide sample files to work with while following along with hands-on instruction. Also look at Adobe Education Exchange for courses, workshops and teaching materials.

Of course, if you perform a YouTube or a Google search, you’ll find a lot of options, it might take some hunting to find a resource that is helpful, but most of the really good YouTube video creators have their own channels so you might find a good channel that will serve your purpose.

If you or your students have Anchorage Public LIbrary or Juneau Public Library cards,  both libraries provide access to with a library card account. Much like the previous UAF license, there is a cap on the number of simultaneous users, but waiting for access might be worth the risk.(2)

Atomic Learning is probably the best replacement resource that UAF currently offers. Although some software instruction is a bit dated, modules are constantly changing and you can get a good start on learning something new. (Atomic Learning resources are no longer available)

Don’t forget about exploring other online opportunities such as:

If you have a learning resource that you’ve found helpful that isn’t listed, please share the link with eCampus so others may also benefit. Having access to these types of resources goes a long way in extending our own professional development opportunities.


(1) subscription ends June 30. (2017, March 22).
(2)  Enis, M. (2014, October 16). to offer at-home access for library users.