“Open Education” is a deceivingly simple name for a concept that covers a broad range of philosophies, pedagogies, activities and products, many of which are critical to the University of Alaska. In advance of a series of Teaching Tips exploring some of these ideas, here’s a necessarily incomplete A-Z of ideas that are part of Open Education.

Accessibility & ADA – allowing everyone to take part.

iTeachU: Accessibility and Accessibility Online and Building Accessibility into Blackboard
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in plain(ish) english
ADA: Fast Fact for Faculty and the ACCESS model
Accessibility in Online Courses (WCET)
W3.org’s Web Accessibility Initiative

Blended Learning – what is real and what is virtual?

Blended learning: Uncovering its transformative potential in higher education
Cornell Center for Teaching Innovation: Blended Learning
How to Engage Students in Blended Learning: The Students’ Views

Creative Commons – finding things to use and promoting what we make.

More on Creative Commons (iTeachU)
Creative Commons
Creative Commons Share Your Work (license chooser)
What Is Creative Commons and Why Does It Matter?

Digital Citizenship – our online existence, culture and participation.

4 Things to Consider When Teaching Digital Literacy to College Students
The Definition Of Digital Citizenship (Terry Heick)
Rethinking how educators teach digital citizenship

Embedding – rich sharing between systems and platforms.

Embedding: Connecting the Pieces (iTeachU)
Embedding in Blackboard
Embeds in WordPress (aka Community)

Fair Use – exercising our rights so we don’t lose them.

Copyright and Fair Use (iTeachU)
Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video and for Poetry
Fair Use Too Often Goes Unused

Gamification – mechanics that motivate.

The Power of Play (three part series; iTeachU)
Game Mechanics (iTeachU)
Gamification Quick Tip
Gamification in the wild: Faculty perspectives on gamifying learning in higher education

Hybrids – new forms of courses…and pedagogies.

What Are Hybrid Courses?
Blended learning: Uncovering its transformative potential in higher education
Hybrid Pedagogy: An open-access journal of learning, teaching, and technology

Instructional Design – the art and science of facilitating rich learning experiences.

Pedagogy Resources on iTeachU
What Do Instructional Designers Do?
Instructional Design Models illustrated

Justice – does open education satisfy a moral imperative?

Open Education: The Moral, Business, and Policy Case for OER (video)
Open Educational Practices: Serving Social Justice & Transforming Pedagogy
A summary of empirical research on the impacts of OER adoption

Knowledge – how it is formed, discovered, shared, challenged and stored.

Libraries – A crucial information space and a necessary Third Place.

UAF Rasmuson Library
Third Place(s)
The Third Place: the library as collaborative and community space in a time of social restraint
Moving Beyond the “Third Place”

MOOCs – cMOOCs and xMOOCS and BOOCS, oh my!

What is a MOOC? What are the different types of MOOC?
Comparing xMOOCs and cMOOCs: philosophy and practice
Why Massive Open Online Courses (still?) Matter

Networks – like soylent green, networks are people.

Openwashing – you can’t fake it ‘til you make it

What Is ‘Open’? Openwashing and the Half-Truths About Openness
OpenWashing.org and the #OpenWashingNominee hashtag

Pedagogy – the impossible can literally become possible.

What is Open Pedagogy?
Open Pedagogy Notebook: Sharing Practices; Building Community
Open Pedagogy: A Guide to Making Textbooks with Students

Questions – We’ve all got them; we don’t have to answer them alone.

EDUCAUSE Openness mailing list
SPARC Libraries & OER Forum (LibOER)

Reuse/Remix/Revise/Redistribute – oh, the places you (and your students) can go!

5R Open Course Design Framework
A definition of open education

SPLOTs -Smallest · Possible · Open · Learning · Technology

SPLOT.ca and A Presentation on SPLOTs

Textbooks – Show me the $…and better outcomes, grades and retention.

UAF – Elmer E. Rasmuson Library Open Textbook Options
Textbooks, OER, and the Need for Open Pedagogy
BCCampus’s model (and very health) Open Textbooks program

Universal Design – Design matters to and for veryone.

Mobile Design Testing (iTeachU)
The 7 Principles of Universal Design
An Introduction to Universal Design in Education

Virtually Connecting – take part in learning communities around the world.

Virtually Connecting: Connection not Content

Wikis – A rose by any other name…

Wiki Education: connecting higher education to the publishing power of Wikipedia
Introductory Neuroscience class using Wikipedia
Get started with new and improved Google Sites (iTeachU)

Xcode – If it’s the way you roll, code can count!

iOS Developer University Program

YouTube (and Kaltura) – it’s not just Gangnam Style and the Kardashians.

YouTube a valuable educational tool, not just cat videos
Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Oh My! 4 Tools for Picting in the Classroom
iTeachU: Publish videos to your course with Kaltura Mediaspace & Create dynamic video presentations with Kaltura CaptureSpace & Encourage student video creation in Kaltura Mediaspace

Z-Degrees – Zero textbook costs? ZOMG!

Z as in zero
KPU ZedCred

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Chris Lott

Chris Lott, M.Ed., was the Associate Director of Teaching and Learning at UAF eCampus. He has 25 years of experience at the intersection of education and technology.


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