Instructional Continuity

In the event of all or parts of campus being closed or unavailable, it is important for instructors to maintain open communication with students. In this scenario, the continuation of academic services at the University of Alaska Fairbanks can happen through online modalities.

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UAF eCampus Proctoring Policies: Fall 2020

In Fall 2020, UAF eCampus’s exam center is limiting operations in order to keep our staff and students safe. In-person proctoring will be available for select courses, and may not be available to students outside of Fairbanks, as many proctoring centers/services are taking similar precautions. Please review the alternatives below before contacting Faith Fleagle (, Exam Services Manager, to see if your course qualifies.

Virtual Proctoring through Proctorio

UAF eCampus just signed a contract with a new virtual proctoring services, Proctorio. This new system does have a work around for proctoring paper assessments, but it does have some limitations. In order to use Proctorio students will need the following:

  • Webcam
  • Microphone (cannot be attached to a headset, but can be a built in microphone system) 
  • Clear desk/table space
  • Exams cannot be taken on beds, big chairs, or couches
  • Reliable internet connection (upload speed: 0.092 Mbps – 0.244 Mbps2)
  • Printer, scanner (not a cell phone app) set-up (would be required for paper assessments using Proctorio) 
  • Debit/credit card to pay $5 per assessment proctoring fee
  • If a student cannot meet these requirements, then virtual proctoring will not be an option for them.

Virtual proctoring should be an option for students, not a requirement. There is an increased worry amongst online learners that virtual proctoring is an invasion of privacy and are dropping courses or even degree programs if forced to use such programs. Here is some Proctorio student support information for your review. Complaints and concerns from UAF students about virtual proctoring have dramatically increased over the past year even prior to COVID-19. 

UAF eCampus is currently in the onboarding process with Proctorio. Contact Faith Fleagle ( for more information.

Zoom Proctoring by Instructors

If you choose to, you can proctor assessments through Zoom. UAF OIT oversees Zoom but has put out several helpful training sessions for instructors. Check out Zoom’s session on setting up testing rooms for students. Here are other helpful sessions for educators.

Alternatives to Proctored Assessments

In addition to virtual proctoring, there are many ways that you can design your exams and complementary assessments to reduce incentives and opportunities for students to cheat.

    1. Revise the exam to make cheating harder and offer it on Blackboard, unproctored.
      • Rather than multiple choice, create complex questions that can’t easily be looked up, requiring students to evaluate and analyze and create.
      • Set a time limit on the test so students can’t spend forever Googling (one minute or less per question)
      • Randomize question order so every student isn’t getting the same exact exam
      • Post an honor code as the first question, and ask students to rewrite it or mark it true/false — a reminder of what’s expected
    2. Rather than 1-2 high stakes exams, spread assessments out over time, reducing pressure on students to cheat
      • Use formative assessments to help students learn the material without the pressure of a summative exam. By having more assessments spread through the course, the point value of any one assessment is lowered, taking pressure off to cheat.
    3. Blend a few projects into your course
      • This could include requiring students to create study guides (flashcards, mindmaps) for exams, pairing a STEAM project with end of semester exams, and more.
    4. Offer multiple options for students
      • proctored assessment OR a project, or a combINATION (an unproctored test but they also have to turn in their study notes/materials)
    5. Need help developing other ideas? We have a Design Team full of experts here to help you!