PlayPosit logo, a blue dog.UAF eCampus is currently piloting the PlayPosit video interactivity tool in eCampus-supported courses. PlayPosit allows instructors and students to add interactive elements such as quizzes and discussions to an existing video. It is currently enabled for all courses at UAF.

For more information on PlayPosit’s capabilities, see the following teaching tips.

Quickstart Steps

Setting up an Account

  1. Go to and sign up for a basic account.
  2. After signing up for an account, and logging in, click on this unique upgrade link. This link will upgrade you to a Pro Instructor account as part of the UAF license.
  3. Watch the following screencast for detailed instructions:

Creating a Bulb

  1. Click on “New Bulb.” You should see the following options available, including Kaltura, which will link to your “My Media” in Kaltura Mediaspace. If you don’t see Kaltura as an option, refresh the page and try again.
  2. Choose a video and start creating!

Connecting PlayPosit to Blackboard

Follow these excellent instructions from PlayPosit on how to link your course and a bulb content item to PlayPosit.

Example Bulbs

Feature Snapshot

  • Three autograded interaction types: multiple choice, check all, and fill in the blank.
  • One manually graded interaction type: free response.
  • has two reflective/informational interaction types: reflective pause and web embed.
  • has two collaborative question types: polling survey and discussion forum.
  • sends students answers to the Blackboard or Canvas gradebooks in realtime.
  • allows students to create bulbs, learner created bulbs.
  • allows realtime delivery in a face to face classroom using the broadcast feature.
  • features realtime chat between student and instructor.
  • can merge several videos from different sources into a single bulb.
  • can remove sections of a video or trim the ends.
  • disable fast forwarding or rewinding by the viewer.
  • can host video files itself.
  • supports MP3 audio files natively.
  • features a native screen recording tool, Fetch.
  • can create multiple questions at one point in time, called chaining.
  • features a premade library of public bulbs.

Known Issues & Behaviors

  • It is not possible to test a bulb in Blackboard as a student preview user and successfully get grading data into the gradebook for testing. At the moment, PlayPosit sees those as the same account and will not export the grades correctly.
  • The Broadcast feature cannot be done anonymously in accounts that are linked to our Blackboard LMS. Users must access the bulb from a Blackboard course to participate in a bulb using the Broadcast feature.
  • The “Assign Bulb” option in PlayPosit is nonfunctional and will not affect Blackboard. Bulbs must be linked to a Blackboard content item and that must be done from within Blackboard.
  • Allowing users to fast forward or skip through the playback of a bulb will also show the tick marks in scrub bar that denote interactions points.
  • A beta release and future player version will allow the timeline length to update to the length of the cropped video. This update will also bring several videos used in a bulb into the same timeline rather than jumping between videos.

Overview Presentation of Features

This #facdev session gave an overview of how to connect your PlayPosit account to your Blackboard course. Watch the recording from the session on 9/4/2018. (47:16)

This #facdev session gave an overview of the capabilities of PlayPosit. Watch the recording from the session on 5/31/2018. (1:00:37)