PlayPosit logo, a blue dog.UAF eCampus has an institutional license for the PlayPosit interactive video tool for all UAF courses. PlayPosit allows instructors and students to add interactive elements such as quizzes and discussions to an existing video.

For more information on PlayPosit’s capabilities, see the following teaching tips:

Quickstart Steps

Connecting PlayPosit to your Course: Blackboard

  1. Navigate to your course in Blackboard
  2. Navigate to a content area, making sure you are in edit mode.
  3. Create a PlayPosit item using the UAF PlayPosit option in the Build Content menu.
    Blackboard Tools menu with PlayPosit link available in the dropdown.
  4. Give the content item a name and click submit to create it.
    Blackboard content area in edit mode with a PlayPosit content item shown.
  5. Once the item has been created, click on it! This will create the connection between your course and PlayPosit as well as provision you with an instructor account.
  6. After this, you can access all of your PlayPosit bulbs and analytics directly from as well as rely on an integration between your course gradebook and PlayPosit.

Connecting PlayPosit to your Course: Canvas

UA is currently piloting Canvas, and PlayPosit can be used there as well, by UAF instructors. If you are already using the Canvas pilot, you can reach out to the lead designer for Canvas, Chris Beks at to ensure your course has the integration enabled.

For those instructors using Canvas Free for Instructors, PlayPosit can be integrated there as well. Please contact Sean Holland at to set up an integration with the free version.

PlayPosit Resources


Example Bulbs