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Teaching Tip-QR Codes (pdf)

qr-cutieQR, or Quick Response codes, are specially designed barcodes that can be read by a camera-ready mobile device or computer. I like to think of them as URLs for print; by reading the “link’ you get bonus information. You see them all over: food products, magazines, posters, signage, business cards. Almost anywhere you see information posted in two dimension, you might see a QR code.

Read QR codes

In order to read a QR code you need a mobile device with a camera or a computer with a camera and QR reading software. Some examples for apps for mobile devices include:

Google “QR reader’ for your type of device and shop around.

Think Small



Think Big

Dezeen_Russian-Pavilion_11Featured at the 2012 Architecture Biennale in Venice, the Russian Pavilion is covered with QR codes from floor to ceiling containing 1000s of links, images, and other types of digital information.


Place QR Codes

QR codes can be printed on many surfaces: paper, fabric, walls, overlays, window clings, and more. Create codes for posters, business cards, resumes, presentations, signage, flyers, schedules, catalogs, ID tags, name tags, luggage tags (anything that ends in tag), t-shirts, canvas bags, mugs, glasses, bottles…I think you get the idea!

Create QR codes

You can create QR codes that direct the user just about anywhere: link to URLs, YouTube videos, map locations, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox or Drive, telephone numbers, email addresses, or even to plain text! Create a static code or a dynamic code using a short URL so that you can change the code’s destination when you need to without changing the QR code.

There are many free applications to help you create your own QR codes so you can share and post them on your documents. Paid applications create codes with brand overlays, high-resolution imagery and analytics so you can keep track of when your codes are being scanned, location, and the device being used.

Google “QR code creator’ for your type of computer or device and shop around.

Use QR codes



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