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Our Faculty Support Team Serves All UAF Faculty

We provide a wide range of services for individual faculty, including adjuncts and TAs, but we also provide support for entire Programs. The goal of our Faculty Support Team  is to provide services  that improve education at UAF for teachers and students alike. We seek to accomplish that goal in many ways!

Please Note: Anyone using eCampus Instructional Design Services is held to these professional expectations.

Person-to-Person Assistance

Open Labs

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Open Labs are a great way for you to get one-on-one assistance from our experts. Sign up for an Open Lab appointment. We offer them four days a week and daily during busy development times.

Community Seminars

Our Community Seminars are short-form (1-2 hour) sessions crafted to help you learn more about a pedagogical practice, new software applications, or course-building approaches that enhance or change your approach to the face-to-face or online classroom. These workshops are led by Instructional Designers and invited faculty. If you’re interested in leading a workshop, contact Madara Mason at

To see upcoming #facdev Workshops and other Faculty Development Opportunities, see the events page. You can also follow us on Instagram as @uaffacdev.

iTeach Online

iTeach Online is a 4-6 week cohort-based workshop meant to help faculty get started building their courses in the company of their peers. It’s offered multiple times per year and can be customized for departments.

The principles of Quality Matters are integrated into the sequence of synchronous workshops, online activities, and independent work time, making pursuit of official Quality Matters certification easier for instructors of online and hybrid courses.

OBJECTIVE: Construct the course framework and at least one module.


1:1 Course-Building Assistance

Historically, eCampus was able to offer 1:1 assistance to anyone teaching and online course. With the uptick in online course offerings at UAF over the years, however, it’s a little more challenging to give this level of service to every faculty member.

You can increase your chances of obtaining valuable one-on-one assistance from our team of experts by doing any of the following:

  • Attend  iTeach Online or become part of an EPIC Design cohort.
  • Become a CITE Fellow
  • Work with your department to organize and coordinate a department-focused iTeach
  • Commit to an informal or formal Quality Matters review
  • If you’ve done any of these or you have further questions about 1:1 assistance, contact our Course and Program Manager, Jenn Pedersen, at
Media Production Assistance


We offer media production assistance to some faculty, especially those who are already working with us via iTeach, CITE Fellows, or other eCampus-related activities. This assistance is available based on   workloads and an assessment of the value for the faculty, students, and program needs.

If you’re interested in acquiring this assistance, please contact Eric Lonn at  or complete our media studio request form. To learn more about eCampus’s media production capabilities, read our media studio resource page or view our showcase media channel.

Online  Resources

Weekly Teaching Tips

The eCampus iTeachU logo with watercolor swatch of blue green behind the text.

We publish Teaching Tips once a week in a single-page PDF format as well as a blog post. The Instructional Design Team shares its abundant experience and expertise in this short-form, easy to digest format every week. See the archives.

Pedagogy Resources

Two text books. One titled: Self-Guided Learning_eCampus and the other: iTeachU-Pedagogy and Philosophy of Teaching

Our Pedagogy Resources  page  is an entire suite of information about the pedagogy of online and face-to-face teaching.  Each page of this resource is a rich collection of history, research, useful videos, and other content to help you understand how technology can enrich your teaching practice and increase the information fluency of your students.

Faculty Development Calendar

Click here  to see the full Faculty Development Calendar through the UAF Factuly Accelerator. The Faculty Accelerator is a campus-wide partnership that pools all active facutly development events and can help faculty orient themselves to the extensive opportunities available to them. 

UAF Faculty Resource Guide

Are you new to teaching online at UAF? Have a million questions about deadlines, book orders, or exam proctoring? Take a walk through our resource guide  get answers to all of your UAF-specific questions.

Owner's Manual for Course Development

Are you  getting ready to develop an online course? Take a look at this Owner’s Manual to get a jumpstart on the process. Get ideas on how you might build your course including demo courses to look at, templates and examples that are in current use and additional resources for each step in the process.

Join Online Communities

We have a number of online resources that might be helpful if you have  a major social media account. Join or follow us and get links to events, workshops, trending online innovations, and all the other great things we post.

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Links to Institutional Memberships

We have acquired a number of institutional memberships for UAF. Faculty have access to the following as affiliated UA personnel:


UPCEA  (University Professional, Continuing and Online Education Association) -Web resources, publications, seminars and conferences regarding cross-disciplinary perspectives and strategies for professional, continuing, and online education.

WCET (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Cooperative for Educaitonal Technologies) –  Web resources, publications, and summits regarding practice, policy, and advocacy of technology-enhanced learning.

Educause –  Web resources, publications, and conferences to support analysis, advocacy, community building, and professional development IT leaders and professionals in higher education.

Educause/ELI –  Knowledge network for higher education professionals committed to advancing learning through IT innovation

Quality Matters – Widely recognized quality assurance program using tools to develop, maintain, review, and certify online courses

OLC (Online Learning Consortium) –  Resources regarding best practices for quality online learning

Student-Related Support

Exam Proctoring

The eCampus Exam Center is a monitored space for students to take exams and quizzes. Students outside of Fairbanks work with eCampus to find exam proctors in their area. For more information see UAF eCampus Proctor information

The Exam Center can accommodate additional time testing and some physical limitations, but reduced distractions/private testing is something that we cannot do. Also, could we remove quizzes from the description. We are not proctoring weekly quizzes during COVID.

Registration and Records Support

The registration process can be tricky to navigate for both students and faculty. eCampus has a support team to get you from course setup to grades submission. For assistance helping with navigating through the process, contact Madara Mason, our Associate Director of Teaching & Learning at

Semester Early Warning and Midterm Outreach

Improving student success is a collaborative effort between eCampus and faculty. When student engagement is low, outreach programs provide students with one-on-one communication and resource referral. Contact Madara Mason at

Student Advising

An advisor is available to help students select courses, navigate resources and improve their  distance learning experience. Our advisor,  Brighton Brooks, can help with all questions and concerns related to eCampus but students  will also have an academic advisor based on their  major  who approves fall and spring schedules for students.

To contact Brighton Brooks, email her at

Full Program Services

Strategy & Planning
  • Program development strategies and planning

When academic departments consider offering an entire program online, we assist with data and resource analysis, timelines, best practices, student engagement, recruitment, retention and assessment. Our goal is to help departments develop cohesive, inclusive, and successful online programs.

  • Course development strategies and planning

Whether you have a lecture-based course, lab, or seminar-style course, we work with faculty and academic departments to explore the possibilities of online or hybrid course development.

Our Director, Owen Guthrie, can be contacted for questions at  

Data Analysis & Reporting

UAF eCampus works closely with UAF Institutional Research to provide enrollment, retention, demographic and academic success statistics for online students. We also work with departments on specific data and reports tailored to departmental needs.

Contact Owen Guthrie, Director, at  

Department-Wide Faculty & Staff Development

We’re happy to provide targeted professional development workshops to both faculty and administrative staff. We work with entire departments developing an online program or departments offering large numbers of eCampus courses.

Our Instructional Design Team has found that our workshops are most successful and new technologies are more widely adopted when large groups of faculty and staff are working together to change teaching practices and thoughtfully adopt new technology.

Contact Kendell Newman Sadiik, Faculty Development Coordinator, at

Course Quality Support

At UAF eCampus, course quality is one of our top priorities. In addition to Quality Matters, which is an external tool, our team also offers the following internal support for course quality:

Course  Development Support

When a course transitions from the face-to-face to the online modality, there are many considerations. Working with an instructional designer at UAF eCampus via our Open Labs means your course is more likely to meet basic quality standards and that you’re employing best practices in your online course.  Additionally, our  Learning Design Coordinator contacts each new-to-online faculty member personally to make sure they understand the various forms of assistance available to them from eCampus.

Course Revisions

Because textbooks, technology and innovative methodologies change rapidly, a quality course goes through a  regular  revision cycle.  UAF eCampus instructional designers are  here to help you through the process.

Course Review — Semester Pre-Flight Check

UAF eCampus instructional designers check  on courses to ensure that the Blackboard shells are updated. You may be contacted by an Instructional Designer. If contacted, please remember that our suggestions for changes are just that, suggestions. We are here to assist you in creating the best course possible to encourage student success.

Maintaining a Course — the Semester Checklist

Every semester, the online course will have a number of items that need to be addressed. We have put these together for you in a checklist format. Download the  Semester Startup Checklist for Instructors (PDF).

Instructional Assessment System (Blue Online Course Evaluations)

Anonymous student evaluations will be administered for each eCampus course. These evaluations will measure the same quality of instruction as traditional sections of a course but also include assessment of the unique methodology used in UAF eCampus courses to provide feedback to the faculty member and academic department. Evaluations will be shared with the faculty member and overall numeric data will be shared with department chairs and deans. Read more about UAF IAS here.

Innovation and  Exploration

CITE Fellows & Innovation

innovation light box

CITE Fellows  (Chancellor’s Innovation in Technology and eCampus) is a program that recruits, prepares, and supports dedicated teaching faculty in innovation in the field of online education as well as better teaching in the face to face classroom through the incorporation of thoughtful technological tools. We aim to engage faculty in activities that inspire, facilitate, and reward high-profile projects and courses.  Any valuable changes to the quality of education must be lead by the faculty, and we want to support those leaders.

See if this program is right for you or for someone you know.

Wordpress Hosting

wordpress sketchyUAF is leading higher education in Open Education, primarily through the support of WordPress course sites that are crafted and maintained by the faculty teaching the course. Full engagement with the course only occurs for students enrolled in the course, but the content of the course (assignments, lectures, and other materials) are located out in the open. Students are able to see that UAF offers some of the most content-rich and unique courses in the US and enrollment for these courses often increases due to the transparency of the material being covered.

If you’d like to see more of our courses, visit here. If you’re interested in putting a site up, our Instructional Designers can put a site up for you in a matter of minutes. The hosting is free of charge for faculty and our servers are maintained by OIT and  have an industry minimum of downtime. Contact Jennifer Moss if you’d like a site (or two!) of your own at

Equipment Library

online computer

eCampus Instructional Designers are tasked with maintaining expertise with new and emerging technologies. When we find hardware and equipment that can serve best-practices in the classroom, we make sure that we have that technology on-hand for faculty to test before a department invests in that technology.

If you’re interested in the current list of available loaner technology, contact Sean Holland at

Media Studio

Our Instructional Designers can assist you in creating high quality videos in our Media Studio, using greenscreen, Learning Glass or a variety of other formats. If you’re interested or would like to learn more, visit the Media Studio resource page or contact Joe Jackson at



eCampus provides the following assistance for eCampus-supported courses and online programs:

  • Digital campaigns

eCampus can help plan and deliver  digital campaigns to recruit students. This includes ads on Google and behind-the-scenes work to make sure our online programs’ web presence is competitive.

  • Website consultation

Your website is a dominant recruitment and retainment tool and should tell a compelling story. We can offer suggestions and potentially hands-on help to make sure yours is working effectively.  

  • Program marketing

Fully online programs are featured prominently on our website and are included in our marketing campaigns.

  • Course marketing

Are you offering a brand new course or struggling with enrollment goals? With enough notice, we can help put together a strategy to get you quality students. To get started, please fill out this form.  

  • Social media

Facebook and Twitter posts can complement above strategies but are also great places to feature stories from your course or program. We use these platforms to showcase your successes to students.

If you have questions about our marketing services, contact eCampus Marketing Specialist Marissa Carl-Acosta at

Quality Matters


From consultations and self-guided reviews to informal and formal reviews applying the full QM Rubric, eCampus is here to help.

“Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components. … QM has received national recognition for its peer-based approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement in online education.’

Find out more about Quality Matters and course reviews here.

Tenure File Documentation

For faculty who are working towards Tenure and/or Promotion, we know how valuable documenting your Faculty Development activities and University Service hours are to you. All of our iTeach, iTeach+ and other faculty development can be documented. Additionally, consider arranging to lead an iTeach+ Workshop of your own or writing a Teaching Tip to be distributed to other faculty. These activities can count towards the category of “University Service” in your tenure and promotion file.

If you need something documented, contact Madara Mason, the Associate Director of Teaching & Learning, at

Policy and Procedure Resources

University regulations are complex and ever-changing. eCampus has subject experts to guide you through policies so the focus remains on educational excellence.  

Contact Madara Mason at for help.


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