Welcome to another episode of Blackboard Bitez. Each week, we take a look at the inner workings of Blackboard. This week, we look at the awesomeness of Smart Views.


Show Notes

A Smart View is a filtered view of specific  columns in the Grade Center. It allows you to select a subset of columns, for example for a particular set of assessments or students. When your Grade Center contains a large number of students and/or columns, a Smart View can quickly show you the data you want.

Smart Views can be based on the following criteria: Performance, Students, Category & Status, or a combination of these three in a custom criteria setting. It is important to remember that Smart View filter columns based on the criteria you set, and it will not delete any columns.

Chris Beks

Chris Beks is an instructional designer, technology enthusiast, and Certified Blackboard Trainer with 15 years experience in higher education and technology. He is a seasonal peony farmer and lives in North Pole, Alaska.