Three tips for semester startup

At UAF eCampus, we are focused on creating win-win scenarios for new-to-online instructors and students. This article is focused on creating that win-win scenario from the start using Blackboard.

Setting up your course in Blackboard

You may not have used Blackboard much in the past, but with the uncertainty of how COVID-19 will affect in-person classes, Blackboard can be a reliable tool to help you prepare. Here are some steps to get started.

The Assignment Tool

Welcome to Blackboard Bitez! In this episode, let’s take a look at the build-in tool for assignments in Blackboard. ; Show NotesThe video shows you how to use the assignment feature in your Blackboard course. The assignment tool is one way to provide an...

My Courses Navigation

This Blackboard Bitez shows you how to modify and personalize your landing page in Blackboard. You might find that this useful little tip helps you navigate around Blackboard a lot easier.; Show NotesThis video shows you how to make it easier to navigate to your...

Multiple Folders Creation

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Blackboard Bytez. Each episode we take a look at the inner workings of Blackboard and the features that save us time. This week, I’ll show you how to create multiple folders in your Bb course shell. ; Show Notes Creating a...

Smart Views

Welcome to another episode of Blackboard Bitez. Each week, we take a look at the inner workings of Blackboard. This week, we look at the awesomeness of Smart Views.   Show Notes A Smart View is a filtered view of specific  columns in the Grade Center. It allows you to...

Discussion Board Course Link

This Blackboard Bitez tutorial  shows you how to create a course link to a discussion forum.  Course links are an easy way to keep all your navigation in one folder, one location. It minimizes confusion and makes your course overall look better.

Create Custom Column in Blackboard

You can create a custom text column in Blackboard to help you make notes about your students. This columns holds about 32 characters and spaces so this option isn’t for lengthly comments just for short identifiable text and you can only see about 20 characters...

Blackboard clear quiz attempt

If you need to clear a student’s attempt on a quiz for any reason, you can do this from the Blackboard Grade Center. Go to the Full Grade Center and search for the student and quiz. In the cell where you see the student’s score click on the double drop...

Make use of Blackboard Test Tool

In the UA Blackboard system, one of the most used tools is the Test Tool. It can be used to create quizzes, midterms, exams and pre- and post-assessments.Good and effective use of the Test Tool can be facilitated by carefully thinking about how to configure the...

How to update due dates in Blackboard

You may have noticed the familiar Set Grade Center Due Dates tool has not been available recently. This handy tool has become incompatible with the current version of Blackboard. While we hope that it can return in the future, there is another way to edit all of your...

Keep track of revision notes inside of Blackboard

As you’re teaching a class, especially for the first time, you will run into things you want to revise for the next offering. There are many ways to keep track of these notes and you should select the method that best works for you. Here’s an idea for...

Introducing Blackboard Ally, a new accessibility tool

Blackboard Ally is a new accessibility tool coming to UAF Blackboard on October 6, 2018. It is integrated software that automatically scans your uploaded course files and materials, looking for common accessibility issues. It provides insight into the course’s level of accessibility and feedback on how the content can be improved for better quality and usability for everyone. It will also generate alternative formats on demand using machine learning algorithms. Read on in this Teaching Tip to familiarize yourself with Blackboard Ally.

Blackboard FAQ

Pedagogy Resources The eCampus collection dedicated to thoughtful teaching practice All Pedagogy TopicsReference Glossary Find solutions to the most often asked questions about Blackboard Refer to this page often! How do I… Assessments and Grades Remove extra total...

Blackboard set Grade Center Due Dates

If you are reusing course content from one semester to the next, one of the more tedious clean up tasks you’ll need to do is to update assessment and assignment due dates. Students depend on due dates to keep on task and create some momentum towards completion...

To total or not to total – Blackboard Grade Center

Every teacher has goals to be effective and efficient. Knowing more about the tools and features in Blackboard’s Grade Center can help you reach your potential. This week’s tip concentrates on different kinds of Total columns you might use in your course to organize and compute final grades. There is a lot of capability and might be the perfect feature for you to implement in your course.

Blackboard adds new features

New features have been updated in Blackboard Learn relating to assignment submissions. Teachers and students are now able to add attachments via drag and drop. There are also new features that allow tracking of quiz attempts and assignment submissions. Read this week’s Teaching Tip to learn how the new features are giving both students and instructors more power in Blackboard Learn.

Providing feedback in Blackboard two ways

Building a rubric can help you determine how–or if–an assignment aligns to your course objectives. Once built, you may use it to frame your feedback. Sharing the specifics with students prior to task assignment helps focus their efforts. Your students may not know about the wealth of information provided by clicking on the link, “View Rubric.’

Adapt your course for Blackboard Mobile Learn

More and more students are using mobile devices and an app called Blackboard Mobile Learn to access course content on the go. While students shouldn’t solely rely on smartphones to complete course requirements, there are steps instructors can take to make it a better experience, such as using common file types (like PDFs), keeping titles short and testing links on a variety of devices.

Build game badging options inside of Blackboard Learn

We all spend time playing games. According to, we spend more than a billion hours per month playing mobile games and that doesn’t include games played on laptops, desktops or with game consoles.1 According to the entertainment software association, in 2015, 65% of US households had at least one person who played online games, three hours or more per week.