Canvas II Workshop

Included is a recording of our Canvas Level 2 workshop. This presentation covers topics that include: Assignments with external tools including Google Docs SpeedGrader and the gradebook Grade schemes Groups Peer Reviews...

Creating Course Links in Canvas

Create clickable text in your Canvas course that link to other places in your course. Edit the page where you want to create a link (make clickable text). Highlight the text you want to be clickable. Select the Link tool from the toolbar and choose “Course Link” as...

Cross-listing Courses in Canvas

Go to “Settings” at the bottom of the course menu. Select the “Sections” tab. Select the course section name. Select “Cross-list this Section”. Search for the course to cross-list and select it. Confirm the selected section to complete...

Adding H5P Content to Canvas

H5P enables you to add different types of interactive elements to your Canvas course shell. If you’re not familiar with the types of objects you can create with H5P, it is worth checking out. Add objects you create to your Canvas course with the following steps:...

Setting Notification Preferences in Canvas

The “Account” area of Canvas allows you to customize your Canvas experience across all classes you are enrolled in. to change your notification settings, do the following. Log into Canvas. Go to the “Account” area in Canvas using the left toolbar. Find the link...

Embedding a Google Doc Into Canvas

Embed your syllabus or other document into your Canvas course as a way to make the document visible without the extra click to download. Additional benefits include auto updates in Canvas whenever you edit your syllabus in drive which means there’s no need for...

Quick guide to Canvas

UAF begins our transition to Canvas in earnest this semester. This Teaching Tip is a quick reference guide to help you stay oriented as we make the move.

Create Assignments in Canvas Through the Calendar

You can create assignment shells using the calendar in Canvas. Assignments shells added this way are placeholders until all the details for the assignment are added. Planning assignments this way is a quick way to place them into your course shell if you prefer to...

Edit the Course Menu

Customize your course menu so that it contains only links your students need. Go to Settings. Click the Navigation tab. Reorder menu items by dragging. Disable links students don’t need. Save your changes.

Create a Course Card

Cards are the rectangular images students see associated with each class they are enrolled in. They see these in their Dashboard view. To customize a card for your course, follow these instructions. Go to Settings. Click on the Course Details tab. Choose an image for...

Transitioning from on campus to online

Your use of Canvas can help you translate your face-to-face course into an enjoyable online experience for you and your students. Here are a few steps to get you started, including how to build a template to use for each week or module and how to add your lectures right inside the editor.

Reimagining feedback to be feedforward

Feedback can be a powerful influence on achievement, particularly when students are able to participate in the conversation. Find out how Canvas allows for quick, easy, personalized ‘feedforward’ collaboration in the gradebook.

Building good instructions in Canvas

Clear, easy-to-follow instructions for quizzes, assignments and discussions within your course are key in guiding learners through the assessments you ask them to complete. Find tips for writing good instructions in this Teaching Tip.

Skeuomorphism – How to use it or lose it

Skeuomorphism is where an object in software mimics its real-world counterpart. Learning Management Systems are riddled with skeuomorphism and this affects your course structure. Embracing the strength of online courses as learning environments requires the intentional use of skeuomorphism and modern web design.

The art of the welcome announcement

Sending a welcoming message to students at the beginning of the semester is an important step in designing an effective online course. Intentional design and language choices in the announcement can create a lasting positive impression.

About Canvas

USING CANVAS AT UAF Quick ways to get answers to your questions and more. Message From the ProvostJoin the Faculty Hub in Slack Find Help Please use the calendar below to find upcoming Canvas workshops. To schedule a 1:1 consultation with a designer, please use the...

Assessing Canvas as an alternative to Blackboard

This year, UAF has been involved in a UA-wide pilot program to assess the Canvas learning management system (LMS). More than 1,000 students and 45 faculty are currently using Canvas in 66 courses. Read their feedback regarding design and usability.