What I love about PlayPosit

UAF Associate Professor of Art Mareca Guthrie teaches Beginning Drawing, which consistently has close to 100 enrollments. She has been experimenting with interactive video for several years and shares eight things she loves about PlayPosit.

Course Spotlight – BIOL 103

https://media.uaf.edu/media/t/0_29lfjmeqEdited Recording from June 12, 2020As the instructor for a non-major GER science course, Anja has a lot of students that come with apprehensions about doing well in a lab course, especially a distance lab course. Her friendly...

Make your videos interactive with PlayPosit

Adding interactivity has the potential to allow students to better understand your video content. PlayPosit is a tool that allows instructors and students to add quizzes, polls, discussions and extra information to an existing video.