Explore Digital Storytelling with Your Students

Storytelling, as an account of events in the evolution of something or one’s life, is something we humans participate in every day, but how often do you ask your students to   engage in the activity deliberately?   Many students will need to know how to tell good...

Premium storytelling apps

I write a great deal about freeware because this is such a great era for free tools, with many powerful options out there for all types of projects. That is not to say you should never pay for the tools you use, however. In some cases, premium programs pay back with functionality what you put in them with cash.


We know we should be teaching them, but a lot of teachers aren’t sure really what transmedia projects look like, nor do they know how low the barrier to entry is. This Teaching Tip links out to a couple examples of transmedia, and makes an argument as to why we should be more conscious of the form both for our own professional development and for the sake of our students.