Practicing project management

As the semester settles into a rhythm, the more daunting but less urgent projects that we’ve put off are beginning to demand attention. But where to start? Make a plan, commit to a practice and voila, the only work you’ll have to do is the work, not the managing of the anxiety about the work.

If This Then That

My life is complicated and technology sometimes complicates it rather than simplifying it. However, I can use automation to turn a frustrating series of tasks into a single task by using a tool called If This Then That.


The foundation of the Pomodoro Technique is a simple, powerful method to improve time management and focus that demands nothing more than a timer of some kind (ideally mechanical or a good simulation), a pen, and paper.

Appointment slots

Having students sign up for individual appointments has become easier with the Create Appointment option in Google Calendar. Creating a group of available time slots can be very useful for your students, graduate assistants, staff, and colleagues.