Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 4.22.32 PMUAF eCampus is a support unit that provides development opportunities to all UAF faculty. The newest opportunities include open labs and topic-specific workshops. Instructional designers continue to offer consultations and support faculty-driven discussions on pedagogy and/or technology. See the new Faculty Development Events at UAF calendar ( for dates and locations of upcoming sessions.  

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

Spring 2016 classes are available for viewing at UAOnline ( That means students will be enrolling in the next few weeks. This also means that it isn’t too early to plan and develop your Spring 2016 classes in preparation for a new semester. Take a moment to confirm the class information at UAOnline. Do you need to add any special notes so that students are prepared for your class? Have you checked to make sure the UAF Bookstore ( listing has the correct book titles and editions? If you’d like some assistance with developing your course for the coming semester, take advantage of the following opportunities.


UAF eCampus offers up to 3 hours of consultation with all UAF faculty, instructors, adjuncts, teaching assistants, department heads, or program heads to ask questions or discuss topics related to online learning, technology in the classroom or innovation in higher education. For more information, contact Madara Mason, Faculty Development Coordinator, at

Owner’s Manual

Visit our online Owner’s Manual ( to get a jumpstart on online course development. Meant to be a quick start guide to course development, the Owner’s Manual includes templates, demo courses, examples and resources. If you have questions, please contact Heidi Olson, Learning Design Coordinator, at

Faculty on TAP

Faculty on Teaching and Pedagogy (   is an eCampus initiative that brings together UAF faculty who want to discuss any and all aspects of the methods, challenges and rewards of teaching. UAF faculty decide on a topic and invites some colleagues. eCampus will promote the event and provide and instructional design facilitation services (if requested) and lunch.   For more information contact Madara Mason at

Open Lab Time

Come to the eCampus offices for open lab to get assistance in your course development. If you’d like help with course design, integrating blackboard features into your course, classroom management, technology in the classroom, or putting it all together, eCampus has open labs regularly scheduled on Tuesdays from 2-4 and Fridays from 10-12 with more sessions added during peak times. Bring your laptop and power cord to 131 Bunnell.   For more information, contact Heidi Olson at

Faculty Development Events Calendar

Find faculty development opportunities from the Faculty Development Office, OIT and UAF eCampus (events such as Teaching Tips Live, Third Thursdays, iTeach Workshops, and more)   in one place on this new calendar located at:   For more information or to add an event to the calendar contact Madara Mason at

Download this Teaching Tip (PDF)

Heidi Olson is the Learning Design Coordinator at UAF eCampus. She has over 25 years of distance and online experience in higher education as an instructional designer and adjunct instructor.